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OK,so you've heard of me before right?

Heeeeeeyy!This is gonna be the best website ever!

There's interviews(where we may get a webchat with some of the hottest celebritys around!)
Music reviews(which will want you screaming for more)
And of course,the celebrity gossip.
There's a sneek peek of what goes on in my life,
A fetured fan every month
What more can you wish for?

See ya,hope you like what goes on!
Hey fans!OK,so I've been thinking,you probably know who Jessie J is,right?So you have,have you?
So,we have some facts about her:

-Her real name is Jessica Cornish(you would have never known if I hadn't told you!)
-Before you even ask me that question,her middle name is Ellen
-She has met Mr.Justin Bieber at his new movie,Never Say Never on the carpet(amazingly impressive)
-Justin Bieber calls her his big sis(along with Jaden Smith and Willow Smith.Wow,a great family you have there Biebs!)
-She was kicked out of her school choir when she was only 11!Poor Jessie,look at you now!
-She is from Essex
-And finally,she is also known as Britan's Lady Gaga!
And there you go,some fun filled facts about Jessie J!
Heeeeeeeeey!So,what do I have in store for you today?
There is an INTERVIEW with......my brother,Culann(Culin).Oh,not very fasinating,but still really cool.We also get a sneek peek at Justin Bieber's purple carpet look from his new movie,Never Say Never.(You may think Im crazy saying purple carpet,but I actully mean it and in case you didn't know,purple is of course the boy's favourite colour.)
We have game review on the new wii game,udraw
And,well,a big surprise,so your just going to have to wait and see!

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