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Alright, so i deleted almost this whole blog. I leaved some stuff to here :) probably i wont erite here ever again! :( but well have a great week! :)

Goodbye :)

This is Metallica!!! Amazing rock band! My favourite song from them is meybe The Unforgiven, oooor hmm haha meybe Master Of Puppets, Enter Sandman.. well it doesnt matter haha. In this picture from left to right:
Robert Trujillo (bass guitar), Lars Ulrich (drums), James Hetfield (guitar, singer), Kirk Hammett (solo guitar).

Now its time to show you amazing band KISS! Kiss is one of my favourite bands for everr! My fav songs from them are meybeee hmm haha, well i like songs Tears Are Falling, Heavens on Fire, I Was Made For Lovin You, I Love It Loud, Psycho Circus and maaaany others! Right now they are on their last tour, End Of the Road Tour. They’ll stop making music and touring. But right now members on KISS are Paul Stanley (singer), Gene Simmons (bass guitar), Tommy Thayer (guitar) and Eric Singer (drums). KISS have had few other members playing guitar and drums. Other ex memebers who played guitar was Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent. And other drum players were Eric Carr and Peter Criss. Eric Carr died just in age of 41 for cancer🕊 rest in peace <3 but Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons has been members of KISS whole time, from 1974. Thats meybe enough :)

On the picture, from left to right:
Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer.

Ps. I made a fan account to KISS on instagram! kissarmy_forever you can go follow it! :)

Ahhh so good finnish band The 69 Eyes!!! Absolutely my favourite song from them is Lost Boys! ”Nothings gonna make you stop, And nothings gonna break you up, everybody knows you’re lost, in the night time honey” and i like song Drive too :) The 69 Eyes was established in 1989 in finland, Helsinki. They are one of the most known finnish rick band, like HIM, The Rasmus, Lordi, Nightwish and Children of The Bodom. Well here is one pic of them :)

Here is one amazing band Bon Jovi! They have maany very good songs like Bad Medicine, Runaway, Its My Life, You Give Love A Bad Name, Livin’ on a prayer etc. Bon Jovi was formed in New Jersey, in 1983! I would say their music genre’s are hard rock, glam metal and stadium rock. Well in this picture there is from left to right:
Tico Torres (drums), Phil X (guitar), Jon Bon Jovi (singer), Hugh Mcdonald (bass guitar) and last but not least David Bryan (keyboard player).

Alice Cooper! One of my favourite singers! He has many so cool songs! Like Poison and Feed My Frankenstine! First Alice made a band called Alice Cooper, but it didnt really work so he started to do solo carieer on name Alice Cooper! He started his solo carieer in 1964 (if im right). So his real name isnt Alice Cooper, it is Vincent Damon Furnier. Alice’s songs are many genres like shock rock, garace rock, glam rock, hard rock, rock, heavy metal and many others! Alice’s concerts are really horror themed, and reallyyy original! Well here is a pictures of him :)

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