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my all time favorite game: roblox

this game has all kinds of games in it battle royal, shooting, car games, zombie games, and others. so in this blog I will be talking about my top 5 favorite games in it. it's a really fun game you should download it.so lets get right into the list.

1. so my number 1 favorite game is called strucid it's all shooting it has a lot of game modes just like free for all, team death match ,capture the flag and domination also it's has a option to play battle royal it works just like fortnite also it has way less lag here is what the game looks like in fortnite this what the game looks like-->

2.phantom forces
my favorite fortnite weapons

1.The new legendary pump shotgun: this gun is one of the gun that deal the most damage witch is about 220 damage in the head and 110 on the body here is what is looks like-->

2.Boom Bow: the boom bow is a legendary weapon that uses shot gun ammo as explosives if the explosive hits you it will deal 115 damage and if u get exploded it deals 100 damage this is what is looks like -->

3.heavy ar: this is a different rarity gun. I will be talking about my favorite rarity which is gold it deals 46 damage in the body and 92 damage. it is one of my favorite medium range guns this is how it looks like-->

4.Heavy sniper: This gun comes in two rarity's epic and legendary. so the legendary it deals 392 damage for a head shot! also 150 damage in the body THAT'S CRAZY DAMAGE! this is what it looks like-->

5.Hand cannon: A hand cannon also comes in two rarity's epic and legendary so legendary dose 75 for a body shot and 150 for a head shot also it can one shot a wooden wall. This what it looks like-->

My First blog


Hello and welcome to my first ever blog hope you enjoy and if you were wondering who is going to be making this blog my name is Amr and I'm a grade 5 student. My blog today will be about my personal favorite games. some you might not like but remember they're my own personal favorite hope you all enjoy.

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