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The art of Mugham is an important branch of verbal heritage of the culture of Azerbaijan professional music.

I invite you to discover this rich heritage of Azerbaijanis.
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Philharmonic; where Mugham Akhshami took place, Baku, Azerbaijan

New Mugham Center in Baku

Fikrat Amirov

The Azerbaijani Cultural Organization "Mugham" is in the process of becoming a not for profit corporation.

My mission is twofold: to cultivate a strong sense of Azerbaijani identity among diaspora Azerbaijanis living in America and the whole world through exposure to traditional Azerbaijani culture, (music, folklore, language and history), and to expose non-Azeris to Azerbaijani culture. Azerbaijani mugham is a manifestation of Azerbaijani folklore and identity. Azerbaijani mugham is much more than a musical piece for those who let mugham explain itself to them and lead their consciousness. To many outside that culture who have had some exposure to it, Azerbaijani mugham, as well as the folk music and traditions of the Azerbaijani people living in the Caucasus region are considered exotic, with an aura of enchantment and mysticism.

Many centuries of invasions, dynasties, empires and kingdoms that were established in the part of the Caucasus now on Azerbaijani land have left elements of foreign cultures that the Azerbaijani people now possess as an integral part of their identity. My goal is to bring together Azerbaijanis, those who love Azerbaijan, and those who want to find out more about our people, nation and traditions.

Alim Qasimov is one of the world's truly gifted singers.

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