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film ' A LOVE for MONACO'

Summer Lifestyle MONACO 2012 Reni von Bifamo

My own Lifestyle in the summer 2011 in MONACO.

My letter from the Prince Albert II Polignac from MONACO 2007

My letter for an AUDIENCE by the prince Albert II P.v.MONACO

This was my own designed villa in germany which I loosed because the insurance don't like pay my/our contract - so a CRIME !
reni von bifamo

You like see a famous artist from the history who make ART about MONACO and the Cote d"Azur , visit this place in Menton, the GRIMALDI palais!
I sent one of my own ART to them to get an exhibition - no answer now!
reni von bifamo

MY own MATRIX - my famaly

My own designed fashion label!reni von bifamo

My own art - reni von bifamo

I have written new chansons about the life and love in MONACO and I like make a film with them!

Please contact me under my e-mail adress! In facebook you can found me too and by Linkin, Video!
reni von bifamo

One of my chansons:

Openeing chansons for the film:
" A love for Monaco for you, for me, for us , for the world - a love for Monaco! M as mother, O as OKE, N as naturell, A as all the time, C as classico and O as OHO - a love for Monaco!"

Cafe de Paris: " Than you sit in the cafe de paris you can feel the beautifull view between belle epoque and ..."

L'est amour de la Cote d'Azur, l'est amour de la Cote d'Azur. Amour pour de la view, amour pour un rendez-vous ...."

film ' A LOVE for MONACO' (Cinema, tv - Romantic)    -    Author : Reni von Bifamo - Monaco

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