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About my life

hi and welcome to my first blog about my life

come and join me in my life journey I will talk about my birthday,places I visited.lets get started.

I am going to start with my beautiful country Lebanon.

I love it because my whole family lives there,and there is trees, mountains and the tree you see in the flag.

I only go to Lebanon in the summer.
Going to Lebanon for my holidays

sometimes i go with my grandmother or sometimes with my mother.

i see my cousins there I stay there for the rest of the summer.

I go to places like the place they cept the weapons,tanks and drones.

and like i said in the prevois frame the tree in the flag it is an actual real one in Lebanon.

My time at jebel Shames

when I was six years old I went to jebel shames witch was in Oman. i went there with my father,mother and sister. I go there almost every year.We climb mountain and sleep in a resort and put on fire every evening it comes with breakfast and dinner.b

in this picture we are in jebel shames,my dad took this picture while we were hycking, we had an amazing day.

first day at kg1 at school

every year my mother takes a picture of me in a new year of torture in school.

and as you can see in the picture I am not looking very good.

My dads holiday to labanon

a couple of weeks ago my dad went to lebanon because he wanted to go and see his family. He stayed with his sister who is my auntie. He sent me picturers of him in lebanon and I really wish i could go there with him.

my dad went there in the winter so thats why it is raining

This is my dad taking a selfie next to my aunties house

thank you for reading my blog. please visit Lebanon best country in the world.

more to come


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