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Miss Piggy from The Muppets

Miss Piggy is a character from: The Muppet Show!
She is: a rich & silly & funny Pig!
She is Married to: Kermit The Frog!

Miss Piggy's pictures.

A DVD that is called: The Muppet Show Season 2

Miss Piggy in a purple dress!

A picture of the cover of a book called: If You Were Miss Piggy!
Miss Piggy is walking her dog: Foo-Foo!

Miss Piggy as The Queen of Hearts!

Miss Piggy & Kermit The Frog's wedding picture!

A small picture of Miss Piggy!

Miss Piggy as a baby pig!

Miss Piggy from The Muppets (Cinema, tv - Youth)    -    Author : Jamice - USA

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