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Hello people.
Today it is the fourth day that I go to school on the Isendoorn College after the summerholiday.
It was difficult to stand up today, because it was 6;20 AM in the morning.
I must to bike one hour to school, every morning and midday.
You can see my school on this picture;.
I'm now in the second grade.
I love my friends, Lisa, Elisa, Manon, Leah, Marijn and Sophie ♥
I have a lot of fun with them and we sit every break together.
Most of the teachers are boring, but some are funny and I like them! :)
My family is not so big, I have a brother and I have a father and mother.

I come back to tell you more about my life!!
Greets, Mirte

Hello againn :)

previews week I wrote also a blog.
The blog was about my first days on school.
Now my first week is done.
It was a relax week with not to many homework.
I sit next to a boy with the classmap.
We have also a phone tree, so when a teacher is sick, we can't have lesson the first our, so they called me and I must to call other people from the class.
I have a class of 26 people, 11 girls and 15 boys.
Friday I go with Lisa, Elisa, Leah, Manon and me to the fair.
After the fair we go to Lisa and sleep there in a tent !
I go about seven weeks to London with my class, in a host family.
We go with the bus to France, and from France with the boat to England :)

I see you later people, bye !

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