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Minecraft for Dummies

You'll have to first gather wood, to then, in your inventory, craft a cfrafting table
make yourself a house, and put the crafting table in
Then, you sha'll go on the crafting table and craft: axe, shovel, pickaxe, sword and (optional) Hoe
Tip: would recommend crafting the axe first so that if ever, while crafting tools, you run out of wood, you can go chop down trees way
faster than just with your hands!
While still morning (if not, wait till morning in your base, aware of monsters), go hunting for sheeps to then get wool to craft yourself a bed, and you will also get meat.
To cook the meat, you will need a furnace. you'll have to go mine, or else, you can also just dig down till you see stone, then mine it!(and make sure if you dig down that you can find a way to get back up)
you will need only 8 blocks of stone but you can stilltake some extra to maybe update your tools

now you will need fuel, either any form of wood or some coal(coal recommended)
There you go! now you know all the important basics to starting a survival world! know let me show you tips
1. when chopping wood, leave one block at the bottom to help reach the highest pieces of wood

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