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Our Beautiful S.Korea !

my Korea your Korea our Korea !
welcome ! :D

It is the national flag of Korea. say 'Taegeukgi'
consists of a blue and red yin-yang circle in the center, one black trigram in each of the four corners, and a white background.
The white background of Taegeukgi symbolizes light and purity and reflects the Korean people's traditional affinity for peace.
Koreans are dedicated to working harmoniously to carry out the nation's tasks of unifying its people and contributing toward world peace and prosperity.

It is traditional Korean clothes. say 'Hanbok'
The Korean clothes the coat and under are coming to share and the women the jacket and the skirt and the men are composed of the jacket and the pants.
The Korean clothes the good point because the color is beautiful support is not even in the dress of the foreign nation and puts on does the side.
But almost to now it puts on the bay Korean clothes at the day when it is special.

It is the S.Korean Executive Presidential Mansion. say 'Cheongwadae'
'Cheongwadae' is the place where the president of Korea works.
situated in Jongro, Seoul Metropolitan City. Its view is picturesque:)

It is PIFF(Pusan International Film Festival).^^*
PIFF created a film culture with active participation by its audiences, in addition to staging a forum in introducing Korean cinema to the global film society.
It was an immense success thanks to ardor interests from both domestic and overseas film professionals along with energetic general audiences.(now 12th)
welcome to Busan!! Busan is the harbor city and Some 4 millions people live in the city!

It is Kimchi^^ Kimchi is a representative food of Korea:)
and It`s a kind of vegetable we eat with almost every Korean dish. It`s a little hot and spicy. It`s good for our health. Because Kimchi is fermented food ^^.
( There are many kinds of Kimchi. Koreans take pride in Kimchi.
Our country kimchi and the bean taking effect foodstuffs were the healthy magazine which the United States is prominent and ' health' last year was included
in the world-wide 5 health food width which it selects.

The S.Koreans all are 'Red devil'. ^^
It is in order to love a football. The tube it turns the people who love a S.Korean football and as 'Red devil' it calls.
2002 World Cup last from S.Korea.
Our country people are having enormous cohesion power.
Because is a Korean, Dazzlingly we developed. 'OUR' became the wealthy country of Asia with the thought which is.

'Red devil' is forever :D

It is a school uniform which Korea is various.
The students of Korea study plentifully. College board at the time of hazard senior in high school it is busy with top.
This time 'Wall Street Journal' from like announcing the Korean students endeavor very. Passing rate is higher the American some private high school than in American distinguished family units.
record 13 : Daewon Foreign Language High School
record 25 : Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

It is a location of Korea !
Korea is ' the country of courteous people in the East'.
During numerous duration, It did not invade the country where also the once is different only. Is a courteous, gentle nation it is because.
The many nations invaded and they came but, We won a victory always.
Now even from situation, The circumference nations plunder us.

China started it distorts our country history.
Korea until 20 century openings was the kingdom.
It teaches in the students of China which the Chinese do not know anything but.
Korea the now to be a ground of China it is taken back and that.
' Koguryo ', from at the time of my grandfather who is not the possibility knowing it is a history of all Korea to do together.

From Korea and first all our history to do until now together.

It sees cumulation and that if it distorts a history, it is a crime.

Korea which it does with the world together, it is small but the strong country. All Koreans in attitude of anger poor multi China.

'Dokdo' Does you know? Island of Dokdo is It is a island of Korea.
Like Great Britain being Great Britain, Like France being France, Dokdo it is a territory of Korea.
Japan from 1960's 'Dokdo' as the Japanese ground it insists.
A because 'Dokdo' near ocean inside there is many resources.
The Gas Hydrate is many specially.
The Japanese person Korea year for 30 and cruelty the colony boat it did.
The Korean resources it snatches again with the assertion which becomes the end design.
East Sea is became Sea of Japan .... general anger by national power of Japan.
Must you remember .. :) It is small but strong country Korea.

Dokdo is Island of Korea !! Dokdo as dakeshima it does not call !!!!

S.Korea ??

1 ranking ship construction world wide.
1 ranking Semiconductor production rate world wide
1 ranking Citizen saving rate world wide.
11 ranking World-wide economic power world wide.
5 ranking Nuclear power industry world wide.
5 ranking The iron and steel industry world wide.
78 ranking Political corruption ratio world wide.
3 ranking Motor vehicle production industry world wide.
6 ranking World-wide military power.
1 ranking Hand phone manufacturing industry world wide.

It is small but strong country S.Korea.

During last 50 years all accomplishing it admits.

Welcome to S.Korea !

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