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Miley and Noah Cyrus

The miley and noah blog
Welcome to my Miley and Noah Cyrus fansite.This is also a fanclub so i must wait while to get everything straight i will try and update news everyday about miley an noah.Also i would like to say this I AM NOT MILEY OR NOAH. A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK THAT I AM THEM BUT I AM NOT I AM JUST FAN WHO MADE A FANSITE.Please no mean,nasty or rude comments on my site i would like to keep my fansite clean thank you and enjoy.

Noah Lindsey Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Birthday-November 23,1992
Family-Tish (mom),Billy Ray (Dad),(Half brother and Sister) Brandi and Trace,little brother and sister Braison Chase and Noah Lindsey
Favorite Color-Pink and Green
Best Friend-Tori Lou,Lesile Patterson,Her Mom
22 or 21 pets
Name-Destiny Hope Cyrus aka Miley (dad used to call her smiley later shortened to miley)
Favorite Food Chinese,Roman Noodles
I Think So Fact-She is a Vegitarian
Favorite Time Of Day-Night 1:00 a.m
Favorite Drink-Snapple
Favorite Fast Food Place- I-N-Out

More Coming Soon

Noah Cyrus

Birthday-January 8,2000
Name-Noah Lindsey Cyrus
Best Friends-Miley
Favorite Color-Pink
Hair Color-Blonde

More Coming Soon

A poster i made at glassgiant DONT TAKE

Another one i made at glassgiant DONT TAKE

The Noah Gallery
(pictures from

Noah at a mileyworld concert Dont Take these pictures because the are property of NoahOnline

A very old picture of Noah and Miley Dont Take NoahOnline property

A picture from MileyWorld and NoahOnline see the tags

A Very Cute Video of Noah when she was six or five

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