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Miley Cyrus is an ordinary girl like u and me. Well, besides that she's teen pop sensation, Hannah Montana. Miley is 16 in real life she will be 17 on November 23 2009!!! (now in high school on her hit show, "Hannah Montana" :)) and is very cool favorite color: pink favorite subject: creative writing favorite food: chinese favorite subject: boys and music birth name: Destiny Hope Cyrus Birthday: November 23,1992 siblings: Christopher, Brasion Cance, Noha Lindsey (youngest) music type: pop rock hobby: shopping favorite time of year: summer favorite time: 1 A.M favorite animal: dogs. Welcome to the blog that has it all so enjoy and i will be adding more just message me what to imporve AND those survey results that said my blog was bad, never come back here u miley fan site blog haters. If you luv this site ur welcome to stay.


MILEY'S INBOX ( current news about Miley Cyrus! :) )
2/21/07 - You may talk to miley cyrus if u have a special web site she will talk today 2/21/07- at 6:30 p.m. So if u know about it dont stand around go talk to her!!
3/1/07 - Miley gets on the cover of Cosmo Girl for the April issue!!!!!!!!!
3/9/07 - Miley is a nominee for the KCA ( Kids Choice Awards ) You can vote for Miley at and find the KCA 2007!! Best of luck to you Miley!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE MILEY! YOU'LL BE SMILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK AND THANKS Y'ALL!! :)
3/31/07 - Miley wins best female actresss congrats Miley!
6/18/07 - hey ya'll. its the owner of this blog. ill be back with some more cool stuff in a bit.
7/25/08 - Hey! sorry i took so long! I'm updating the site! :)
11/23/08 - Happy Birthday Miley!

Miley Cyrus's reelly pretty pic

MILEY!! rock on im ur #1 fan!!



Miley !


That is So Miley........ :):)

haha lesley.......

Pretty!! lol

Miley and more!

this is miley (:

Miley Rox My Sox! lol nice face

Express yourself, Miley! :)

Miley ! ~ !

Heyyyyyy Please dont take my picsss! i worked hard to get these.!

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