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All About Hannah Montana

Welcome to my blog. I created this so I can show people how wonderful Hannah Montana really is.
Miley Cyrus birth name is Destiny Hope Cyrus but she is known as Miley Cyus becuase when she was younger, her dad use to call her smiley, so thy took off the s and called her Miley. She was born on November 23, 1992 in Nashville Tenn. Miley' fathers nme is Billy Ray Cyrus, he is a country singer and isa a actor. Miley started acting when she was nine years old living in Toronto appearing as a guest star on doc which was a show her father use to be on.
In 2003 Miley was in the movie Big Fish and it turned out to be a bigger movie then se expected.
Miley auditioned fr Hannah Montana when she was just eleven years old but she was told that she was to small to be Hannah Montana. Miley did not give up fighting for her dream. When she ws twelve she got obtained the role of Hannah Montana and her dad auditined for her dad in the show and he ended up getting the part. In 206 sh sarte performing in front of live crowds as a musician when disney started having her tour as Hannah Montana. Later on she released Albums of Hannah Montana andMiley Cyrus.

Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus and Jason Earler

Emily, Miley and Mitchelle

Miley playing her guitar

Hannah Montana and Jackson

Hannah Montana having a good time singing

Miley's 13 year old brother Braison

Miley and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley may be smilley but shes also pretty

Miley enjoying the the summer breeze

Miley and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley and her best friend Emily

Miley really likes her Guitar

Miley is a wonderful actor and singer.

Best Of Both Worlds

Miley and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley and her mom Tish

Miley loves her guitar

Miley's little sister Noah

Lilly, Hannah Montana and Oliver

Miley with her dad when she was little

Hannah Montana is a great singer

Miley happliy getting pictures taken of her.

Miley and her dad

Miley looks pretty in whatever she wears.

Miley is alwesome, sometimes I wish I could be famous like her.

Miley don't act cool because she already is cool, she was born that way.

I love Miley Cyrus.

I like this picture

This is Miley Cyrus singing

Miley's mom, Miley, and Miley's little sister Noah with a dolphine

This is Miley Cyrus, her younger sister Noah Lindsey Cyrus and her half sister whose older then her Brandi Cyrus

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