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are you ready for miley cyrus ?!?!?!

i hope so cause your gonna hear alot about her!!
how about her b-day???
do you know?
i do! it's november 23!!!
and her favourite colors are pink and green and she loves chinese food!!!

she loves music too! and she loves her new song"7 things".
her favourite episode she filmed was the one with the with the "bone dance"
she said mitchel(oliver) loved doing it!

did you know that she loves animals? especially dogs and pups!!!

she likes hilary duff too! she is miley's idol!

she had a concert and some people turned it into a 3-d movie!!! isn't that cool?

she likes all the people she works with when she films the show. and they are her real friends too! and "makayla" (played by selena gomez),her worst enime on the show- she actully likes her as a bff in real life!!!!

the good thing about miley is that she is a great role model for kids.

and she has lots of nice, good, caring friends who she likes and they like her.

she says she cant get enough of singing- she sings everyday!

miley always finds ways to look great and not too bright and not to dark.

and miley loves bright lipstick in any shade.

she was glad to be a part of the kids choice awards.

miley was happy to be on "opera" too!

you can watch the show "hannah montana" on family cahnnel and abc channel.

miley cyrus always has her hair in different styles and sometimes in different colors!

miley and her lil' sis, noah look so cute together!

miley always gives the peace sign to her fans!

miley has a bad habit of biting her nails! you gotta stop miley!

miley's real name is destiny hope.

miley signs alot of autographs!!!!!

look at miley's cute little mini skirt! the socks does it all!

miley said it was an honor to be one of the hosts of cmt music awards.

miley still misses her pappy :(

miley has blue eyes and brown hair! and she loves jewlery.

this is a pic of miley with her mom, tish and her dad, billy ray.

miley likes flowers and her favourite cereal is lucky charms.

miley was glad to be the host for teen choice awards 2008 and she won a surfboard too!

it looks like miley has a cute outfit made for going to the gym-it looks good even if your not at the gym!

miley awlays has a great laugh when she is just hanging out or anything else! she always laughs!

the first song she ever sang was "hound dog" with her dad. before she could even talk!!!

miley's bff is mandy. they do a show together called"the miley and mandy show" and they show off their crazy dance moves. and they put it on the internet.

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