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Miley rules

Hi my name is lauren and I think Miley Cyrus is totaly cool,
I love her music and have her album,
I have been scoring the internet for fun facts and perfect pics,
this page includes:
lots of pics of miley
some jucy facts to get your teeth into
an address to write to
and more
Hi all Miley fans out there
I hope you enjoy
hannah montanna lirics...
due to some coments on my survay
I have decided to add
more comments to my pictures
bye for now Lauren X

Go Hanna

this pic seas it all

Hannah in concert

i soooo would love to get a singhed pic of miley

The miley file (fave things)

Music style:pop rock
Time of day:1:00am
Conversation topic:boys and music

Miley files (all about miley)
birth name:Destiny hope cyrus
birthday:23 nov (1992)
dad:Billy ray cyrus
siblings:Christiphor,Brasion Cance,Noha Lindsey(the yongest)Brandi and Trace
birth place:Nahsville TN

this was my wallpaper on my lap top

talk about a bad hair day Emily

aaaaaaaand cut!

Rock on

I soooooooooo wasent ready 4 that

The best of both worlds

Miley loves to chill on the beach

thats a daisy rock guitar (i've gt 1)

nothins better than father daughter time

cute top !!!

see her on tv

miley & her familly...aww

the DC trieo


Get in touch!
do you love miley?
if you do then write to her @:
normal post:

Miley Cyrrus
c/o BRC spirit
P.O box 1206
Franklin,TN 37065

Or fan e-mail her:

lets boul


the DC gang

(Plus she did a awsome photo shoot to match)
heres the line up
1. The Best Of Bouth Worlds ( H/M )
2. Who Said (H/M)
3. Just Like You (H/M)
4. Pumpin' Up The Party (H/M)
5. If We Were A Movie (H/M)
6. I Got Nerve H/M)
7. The Other Side Of Me (H/M)
8. This Is The Life (H/M)
9. Pop Princess (The Click Five)
10. She's No You (Jesse Mccartney)
11. Find Youreself In You (Ever life)
12. Shining Star (B5)
13. I Learned From You (Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus)

From the first episode of Hannah Montanah !!!

Feel free to e-mail me I look at this page almost evry day so I will try to reply on
[picture not found]

rainbow miley


what yall dressed up for

dressing room scene

evry one at DC

kissy kissy

heeyyou two arnet on the same show
pleeease clik here for part two!!!

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