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Hi everyone! My name is Ciara. As you can see I absoulutly love Miley Cyrus. I hope you enjoy my website. You can use my pictures if you would like. Please comment on my website so I can improve. Thanks for coming to my website. I am going to be updating my website all the time so if you want to leave your e-mail address with me I will e-mail you when I update it. Bye!!!

Disney Miley!

Smiley Miley!

Miley with her rockin' guitar

Miley with Ashley!

Earth to Miley!!!

miley and lilly off of Hannah Montana


Big sumo and Miley

Miley with black hair

Casual Miley

Miley Rox!

The cast of Hannah Montana

Miley with books to give out!

Miley with Guitar

Miley when she was little
Miley in 2007!
Top Five Favorite Songs by Miley/Hannah
5. Rockstar
4. Clear
3. Good & Broken
2. See you Agian
1. Let's Dance
(if you want to look up Let's Dance on, you have to type in by hannah montana becuase Venessa has a song w/ the same title.... you should listen to that too!)

Pretty Miley

Hannah Montana pointing


Cowgirl Miley

Another good pic of Miley

Dylan Sprouse and Miley

Hannah with Billy Ray

Another pic of miley when she was little

Hannah with Aly & Aj

Is Miley ok?

Miley in a photo shoot

DC games green team

A random picture of Miley

Miley and Lilly on Hannah Montana

Miley's Signiture

Miley on the beach

Another Cowgirl Miley
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