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English Lesson
We had to make for English this blog. I'm gonna try to put everyday something on this. Now I first will tell something about myself.

I am Melanie. I go to high school. I'm not gonna say wich school :). I am now in the second year. And today already two days on school.... I already miss the vacation. I like horseriding and gymnastisch. I also like to listen to music and chilling with my friends. Mine favoriete colour is Pink. Mine favoriete band is One Direction . I have got a One Direction Infection. Mine favourite song of them is: More Than This.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-RQIN3wo5U. That's enough about me.

I already said that i'm now two days on school again... I went in my vacation to Ostria. I was really fun. I went swimming most of the days. I met one girl and i went horseriding with her in Ostria. I also went Paragliden. But i don't like to get so high so i thought it was really scary. But when i was in the sky it wasn't scary at all. It was really funny that everbody looked so small. After that i went sledding. And then it was time to go home. After two weeks we had to gome home. I did like that because i would see all mine friends again and i will see the horse were i take care(i would talk later albout that). But i didn't like that because i had to go away and miss my friends there.

Ooh jeah i also have got three care pony's. They are really cute and funny. They are called Troika, Alexia and Guusje. They are all shetland ponies. They are small and can walk really fast. I had to take care of them because the orner was ill. With my Best Friends i take care them for about 2 weeks

Now i have got arts..

I am sorry that I didn't write something yesterday.
It's already late so I am gonna write a short text.

When i woke up I went to my care pony's (I always do that on Saterday)But my friend wasn't there so I had to do it by myself. In the middle of the day my friend showed up and we runned with the pony's. After that, we went to another pony. The owner came by and said 'maybe it is a good idee if your friend also ride on the pony.' I liked his idee. So in the evening I went riding with my friend. First I ride 30 minutes and then she ride 30 minutes. It was really funny because we trained each other.

Today i didn't do so much.I just did my homework and chill a litte bit.
So i don't have to tell so much...
Tomorrow i have again school. But we have the first 2 hours off because the teacher isn't there.
I just take a shower and i later i go to bed.
Now i am going to watch tv again.


In the 43 week this year we are going to Londen!(the week after the Autumn)Hopefully I sit in the same group as Nikita. Yesterday we had to make groups and I and Nikita chose eachoter. I really like to go with Nikita. We are going to Londen because we are TTO. In Londen we are in host families. I am really curios about by wich familie i will sit in. This year i also have to chose if i go to Havo or to Vwo. I think i am gonna go to Havo because i think Vwo is to heavy for me.

I am sorry that i didn't write for a week.
We have to go to our primary schools to give to them an english lesson.
So i was really busy with that. I know that i didn't write for a few weeks.
It is now Tuesday. Tomorrow we have a day off. Because then we have to go for a 45/60 minutes and the rest i have the day off. But i have to learn for a france test.


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