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My life has changed after reading an amazing book- The secret, The Power.
To be honest, i used to be a pessimistic person.
I thought of a lot of negative things, as if it were so hard for me to be happy.

anyway, i am now an optimistic person.
Thanks to the book, it teaches me to be happy.
the book is an inspiration book, its every word is encouraging.
one of the inspiration quotes is- Life is supposed to be fun! When you're having fun, you feel great and you receive great things! Having fun brings the life you want, and taking things too seriously brings a life you have to take seriously.

does it sound amazing to you? whenever i read the book, i feel as if i am becoming another person who is totally opposite of me. yes, i do feel so.
i'd never forget about thing of the law of attraction.
people have to think positive so good things will happen.
and of course, once you think of negative side, trust me, bad things will happen immediately.
I am sure because i've tried it and there's no way you'd try to convince yourself not to believe it because it is definitely true and kind of logical.

so here's the another one- Whatever story you tell, whether good or bad, will be the story of your life. So start telling the story of your amazing life, and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it.

for those who like being pessimistic, seriously, you need to go and buy this book.
take your time to read it, it'll change your mind.
Rhonda Byrne is the author of the book and in the book, she has told reader about her story and how the law of attraction helps her.

everyone deserves to be happy, all of us do.
Don't ever try to make yourself upset because it'd never be a good idea.
here is one of my tips of being happy.
so whenever i think of negative things, i always force myself to stop to think of positive side.
for example, you, of course, can think of something which can make you happy, because when you think of it, the bad thing in your mind will be vanished.
so why dont have a try?
Technically, life is really amazing and beautiful.
Be happy instead of sad.
sadness wont change anything, it worsens things instead.
I am here blogging about life that i am experiencing, and you shall have your good life by doing something good or thinking something good.

It is my first post as well as long post. Don't whine okay? haha ;)

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