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aloha hoalohas, i loooove to make new friends and talk about life so leve comments and stuff if you can!!! -aloha
So life story? basically a girl stuck in landlocked IL with no ocean, so not a real home. oh well, could be worse. my family................where to even start. my sister is a....well......not very good child. my dad has like, anger management when things dont go his way, my mom, she just doesent get the world, shes still stuck in hawai'i. yes, guys hawai'i is spelled with a kahako. little dash that indecates a pause, ya? if you spell it like a mainlander, i will jump through the computer and strangle you. anyway, my kapuna, well they live in an untoutched little town in hawai'i, dont even know how to use a computer. my other grandparents who live in IL with us, well they are great. like the awesome grandmother you read about in books. rounded generously, always on the bright side, and always has some cookie or treat right out of the oven as soon as we walk in. she's a pro shopper too. unfortunatly she has cancerous brain tumors. we are about to break the record for the longest anyone has ever lived, but the doctors say 3 mounths, tops. so, yah, thats my recap. ohh another highlight of my life? being attacked by a shark. now that was a GOOD story!
so shark story time. my friens Alana Burch and I were paddeling of the coast of shark bay, Hawai'i. she start screaming and is like, Meilani, theres a shark chewing on my leg. so i look down, and im like, oh ya. there is. and we are talking one big, mean great white! it was palow. anyway, i swim over and slide of my surf board. i dont know if you know anything about shark attacks, but they usually take a nibble first to see if you will blead. so i get off my board and push alana on. she was like barley bleasing, only 8 stitches, but she was paniking. so im about to get back on myself, and of corse, the shark grabs my leg and pulls me under. you can see all the bubbles comming up, and a heak of alot of blood. and its like shaking me, and im like great, awesome. but for some reason it lets go, and some surfer dude grabbs me and lays me on his board, and thats about when i passed out from blood loss. the best thing was in the ambulance, all the ambulancy dudes, they always say something encouraging to the people. usually they say "god will not leave you, nor will he forsake you." which is just about the most conforting thing ive ever heard. i got 43 stitches, and you cant even see the scars anymone, thanks to this awesome scar cream i got. the cought the shark and killed it(awefullest thing ever!!! not the sharks fault, it was only an accident and it was hungery, i was in his territory!)and i have one of his tooths made into a necklace to reminde me that i am responsible for his death.

-Meilani (me-lah-nee)
aloha again, i forgot to say, I love soccer, horsebackriding, softball, fencing, martial arts, basketball, track, cross country, swimming, and voluntering for humane societys!!!!!!! i am 13 and go to kennedy junior high in 8th grade:)

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