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Me & my family

They are my grandparents <3
My grandmother's name is Maria and she have 70 years old,her birthday is on 3 of June she is very sweet to me, i love her so much
My grandfather's name is Julio and he have 75 years old, his birthday is on 27 of February is the best grandfather is very special to me <3
She is my grandmother, her name is Flor and she have 72 years old, her birthday is on 30 of August she is a great woman, is very strong and always moved forward the appreciation and love you very much <3 <3
(My grandfather died 31 years ago)

They are my parents, the best persons of the world <3
My mom's name is Teresa and she have 47 years old, her birthday is on 19 of May, she is the best mother in the world, she has taught me to be strong, it is a beautiful woman and I love her very much <3
My dad's name is Gabriel and he have 45 years old, his birthaday is on 27 of December, He is a great man, my superhero, I have given me many life lessons and so I love you very much <3

This is me, my name is Mayte my age is 14 years old and my birthday is on 18 of October, my favorite color is the grey, I play guitar and drums (and some other instruments) I consider myself a very happy girl, I love my family very much and I am very grateful for the life of each

She is my older sister <3 her name is Gariela (I call Gaby) she have 22 years old, her birthday is on 23 of July, It's a great girl, she has always treated me well and I love her like a mother because I care a lot about me, she has a degree in international trade She is a girl who learned a lot and been very strong, really love her very much <3
She is my sister, her name is Edith, she have 15 years old, her birthday is on 15 of November she is a very pretty girl, I get along with her, she plays guitar and bass, is very nice and I love her very much <3

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