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General Info
Hi! My name's Isabelle. I'm a 10th grader from Washington, USA. This is my blog. (wow, I know. amazing.)
The purpose of this blog is to talk about my life and things I'm interested in, and also to give information about the US and Washington.
Thanks for visiting, hope it's interesting or something. :)
So I have this organized by subject. (At least I'm trying to..)
Blue is things about me and my life.
Green is info about Washington (the state) or the US.
Yellow is stuff about my hobbies, fandoms, or other things I like.
About Me
Hello! My name is Isabelle. I live in Washington, in the northwest of the US. I'm 14 and in 10th grade.
I speak English and French, and I'm learning German.
I like reading, math, and art. My favorite subjects in school are math, physics, chemistry, and art.
Yeah, I really like reading. My favorite books are Harry Potter and Ender's Game.
I donít play any sports, or music. I would like to but I don't have enough time. :/
I do FRC Robotics (see the robotics post). (Haha, does that count as a sport?? can I get PE credit?? please????)
So, I am in 10th grade. In the US, grades are pretty simple. People start school in kindergarten, when they are about five. Some start sooner, with preschool. Then there are grades 1-12. Grades 1-5 are elementary school, 6-8 are middle school, and 9-12 are high school. (At least in my district. Sometimes grades are split up differently, it depends on the city.)
My school goes from 8:30 to 3:30. It used to start and end an hour earlier but they changed it so we would have more time to sleep. (It didn't really work, now people just stay up later at night..)
We have seven classes a day. (Which is lucky, since most districts only have 6. So I basically get to have an extra elective.) Each class is taught by a different teacher, in a different room. Classes are about 50 minutes, and between each period we have a passing period (to give us time to get to the next class), which is 5 minutes.
My required classes this year are English Literature, Pre-calculus, AP Physics, Theory of Knowledge / Health (they are one semester each), and AP US History (yeah I'm in a lot of advanced classes, I know, I'm a nerd). My electives (the classes I get to choose) are Art and French Literature.
Robotics :D
ONE DAY LEFT OF BUILD SEASON!!!!! (Anyone also do FIRST Robotics?)
Yeah, I'm super excited since Build Season, the 6 weeks we have to build our robot, are almost over. There's one day left. And this year, our robot is actually working (yeah it didn't work last year.. :/). The last three days I have spent almost the entire day at robotics. It's been great.
I am also excited since I'm a human player!!!!!!
Wow, I guess I should explain everything now..
So, as you can hopefully tell by now, I'm in the robotics club at my school. We are part of FRC, FIRST robotics competitions. So every year there is a different challenge. We have 6 weeks to build a robot to do the challenge. Then, after the six weeks are up, we bag the robot until competitions. We have two qualifying competitions, and then if we do well in those, we go to district championships, and then worlds. I think we might even have a chance for worlds this year. Maybe. :)
The challenge this year is called Steamworks. Basically, you're trying to get your airship ready for a voyage. It's a steampunk theme. You have to fuel your ship by shooting balls into a goal. You also have to make the rotors on your ship turn by delivering gears to the airship. On the airship, there is a human player who takes the gears and puts them into slots. Once there are enough gears, they can start the rotors by turning the gears.
I'm a human player, which means I will either be the pilot (the one on the airship), or I will be the one who puts gears into the robot from the outside of the field. (As you can tell, I am super excited :D !!!!!!)
Honestly, no one is going to do fuel (the balls). They get like no points. It's gonna be a bit stupid with no one doing half of the challenge..
If you want to know more, just look up first steamworks, there's tons of stuff. Probably the best is if you look on youtube for the challenge video. :)
Fun Facts
I'm bored. So I'll tell you some fun facts about myself :) (lol have fun).
  • I sure like reading.
  • I (currently) want to become a film editor, or maybe animator.
  • I have never watched Shrek, nor do I mean to.
  • I have SO MANY STORY IDEAS but never enough commitment to see them through to actually being written.
  • I want to learn German and Japanese (as well as about 20 languages that I probably won't get to.) So far, I have spent a year learning Spanish (only to lose interest and forget it all), and now half a year learning German. Not to mention the probably 3 times I've seriously started learning Japanese for about a month before giving up.. *laughs awkwardly*
  • I do speak french though (wowza.)
  • I taught my dad how to say "I am a trash can" in french. (It's "je suis une poubelle", if anyone's wondering. Useful knowledge for french small talk.)
  • For history I'm writing a research paper about the causes of the allied victory on D-Day (thrilling, I can tell you. No actually, it's interesting.)
  • I like trains. *gets run over by train* (asdf, anyone? goodness, I'm actually a trash can..)
  • I like to crochet and I've tried knitting but it's hard :(
  • I would be in Ravenclaw if I was a wizard. If Ilvermorny, I'd be in Horned Serpent. :)
  • I have been to 5 countries, on 3 continents. France, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and of course the US.
  • I don't like cauliflower.
  • I am Hamilton trash. (actually that's not even one of my main fandoms..) *laughs* don't even get me started on those..
  • I like muffins. Especially poppyseed muffins. :)
  • BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS sorry alright back to your regularly scheduled programming.
  • I like programming. I can only really do HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. So I make sketchy websites. It's fun.
Alright. I will stop torturing you with this nonsense. :) to be continued next time I'm bored.
Book recommendations
Since I am an avid book nerd, (and extremely bored), I have decided to grace you with my recommendations for books to read. :) I will organize it by genre since idk.. I'll put how hard I think it is for people who want to read easy stuff or are learning english. (Easy : elementary school, medium : middle school, hard : high school) (wow it's alliterative) :)
  • Harry Potter, by JK Rowling. Sure hope you've heard of it. Go read it. It's famous for a reason. (Medium)
  • Percy Jackson, by Rick Riordan. This series too, is rather famous. All famous books are famous for a reason. (Medium)
  • The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo. This is the first in a trilogy, about a boy, Gwyn, who learns he is a magician. It's really good. Also, short. (Easy)
  • Middleworld, by Voelkel. It's basically a rip off of Percy Jackson but with Mayan mythology. It's not bad though. (bonus: very little romance !) (Medium)

  • Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card. It's the first book in a super huge universe, but it can be read alone. It's about a war between humans and aliens. The government is training kids to lead the army. Ender is one of the kids, and he is the best. It's really, really good, and totally worth the billion pages that it is. (Hard)
  • HIVE, by Mark Walden. It's another series. It's about a group of teens who go to a school, the Higher Institute of Villainous Education (HIVE). It's really good and funny. It's a lot like Harry Potter. (Medium)
  • Alex Rider, by Anthony Horowitz. This is yet another series (I like series, can you tell?), about Alex Rider, a 14 year old who becomes a spy, and his pretty terrifying adventures. (Medium)
  • TimeRiders, by Alex Scarrow. A series about three teens with a time machine whose job it is to stop people from changing the past. It's actually really good, although sometimes kinda boring. (Hard)

Some easy books :)
  • Wayside School, by Louis Sachar. These were my favorite books in elementary school, and are still some of my favorite today. They are about Wayside School, a school which instead of having 30 rooms on one floor, instead was built with thirty floors of one room. It's completely hilarious. (Easy)
  • Floors by Patrick Carman. Another of my favorites in elementary school. It's a story about the Whippet Hotel, a super wacky hotel with lots of cool gadgets and rooms and things and man it's just so fun :) (Easy).
  • Encyclopedia Brown. These books are just collections of short stories about Encyclopedia Brown as he solves mysteries. It's cool because it puts all the answers at the back of the book, so you can try to solve them yourself before checking the answer. (Or, be like me and give up immediately.. :/) (Easy)
  • Boxcar Children. These books are about these five kids as they go on adventures and solve mysteries. They are really short and easy. (bonus: don't have to be read in order at all. And there's like 150 of them so you could spend your entire life reading 100 page mystery stories.) (Easy)

To be continued... *dramatic ellipses*
(so idk if this qualifies as info about Washington but you know, whatever.)
So today it snowed. Not all that much, but enough that now all the roads are covered in slush. (Which means that, if the roads freeze over overnight, there probably won't be school tomorrow due to ice!!) (I hope that happens.)
It has already snowed this year, and we had two days off (one for actual snow, one for ice). It only snowed like 4 inches or so, but it snows so rarely here that we do not know how to react and we basically all die when it snows.. It snows like once every two or three years so I think we are allowed to have some snow days to enjoy the frozen water falling from the sky when it does happen. thanks.
It's been a great year though. Almost like global warming isn't really happening (but it is :/ ). We haven't had this much snow since the legendary storm in 2008, when it snowed like 6 inches or something, then it rained, but that night the rain froze, so there was just a layer of ice over all the snow. It was great. (At least I think that was the legendary 2008 one.. I remember trying to walk on the ice without breaking it but failing.. but I don't remember how old I was.)
Anyways, I am having fun in SNOW and I hope you can have fun in snow or maybe not if you don't like snow .. yeah alright. happy it's still winter (my friend thought it was spring since it's almost march.. I reminded her spring starts March 21... or somewhere around there..) yep. happy last month of winter :)
So I never had a pet until 8th grade. I never wanted a pet (out of fear of change, probably), but my siblings wanted one. So we got a frog. My brother found it in the yard, and we bought a fish tank and crickets and things from the pet store. His name was Freddy. It was a really boring name for a frog (but someone pointed out that it's like Fred from Harry Potter, so now I'm cool with it..). He was kinda slimy.. I guess that's how frogs are supposed to be. I had a ceramics class at the time and I made and house for him (the assignment was to make a birdhouse, but I made a frog house). It looked pretty epic. But before I finished glazing and firing it, Freddy mysteriously vanished. We still don't know what happened. We came home one day and there was a gap between the lid and the side of the tank. We don't know if someone accidentally left it open or if he somehow got it open himself. But we never found a dead frog anywhere in the house so I guess he got outside.
Now we have a dog. We got her probably about 3 months ago. She's a maltese / poodle mix. Her name's Pebbles. She's small and cute. She likes licking people.. like she will actually sit in your lap and lick your hand for like ten minutes straight. She's not potty trained which is a pain as we have to take her out like every hour so she doesn't pee on the floor. Recently she's started hating me for some reason, like she won't let me near enough to her to pet her or put on her leash to take her outside and it's driving me nuts..
Here's a picture of her:

...... that is sideways, whoops (how can you change the orientation??)

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