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We were in Italy, near our house was a fig tree.
The figs were very nice.
This summer we were in Italy. On the way back home we saw the most colorful city on the top of a mountain.
Every house has a different color, blue, red, pink or yellow.
It was very beautiful.

I make a lot of pictures with my friend Marijn. She is a very nice girl.
We make a lot of pictures of different things, like ourselves or from other things in our
Hihi, I saw this picture on internet
Who would not want to go to this place?
it's so beatifull
In the weekend I played a hockeygame, we won with 4-1.
After the game I went to my house. The rest of the day I did nothing special. That evening we ate a kind of lasagne, it was very nice.
On sunday I made some things for my bedroom like a iron chain were I can hang my necklesses on.
I also pud some things from the past in a box. Photo's, little clothes, and books about my past.
This was my weekend.
Bye :)

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