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Mmm Marty

Welp, this is me..Martha. I'm used to being called Marty, and I like being called that instead of Martha. I'm 16 years young and is still learning how to grow up. Anyways, I'm very nice and I love talking and meeting new people. Feel free to contact me, I'm usually on the web most of the time. But, please don't pretend to be someone you're not, that's just lame.

This is my best friend Shalow. I love her name! I mean, come on, have you ever had a best friend name that? Well me neither until I met her. She is my peanut to my jelly, my cereal to my milk, my kit to my kat. Well you get the point. Other than being my best friend, she is more like a sister to me.

This..right here is my..brother. All the girls think he's cute. (Pretty Boy Swag beat) (Insider)
Everyone says we look alike, and I don't mind because it is true ,we come from the same parents!
He's funny and he always cheers me up, always. I just love him with all my heart.

Dude, I love this dude. He's my older brother. Although he's a jerk, I would do anything to make him happy. I know he never shows he cares for me, but trust me he would do anything for me too and I love him so much because he's just awesome!

Yerp..We're awesome like that.

I also went to see Vampire Weekend the day before my birthday and this is the piano player/ bass player. I only got to take a picture with him but I did meet all the other band members and they wished me a happy birthday :)

Jenny Lewis was my first official concert. She sings Indie music and she's my favorite singer. I didn't get meet her but she did sing to me and if you want to see the video where she sings to me go to this link.. click here My sisters went to another of her concerts and she brought me an autograph with my name in it :)

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