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the family tree of my family

she is my cousin she is 13 years old
he is my cousin and he is 21 years old
he is my cousin and he is 33 years old, he is son of Flor and Maximo
he is my cousing and he is 23 years old, he is son of Flor and Máximo.
she is my cousin and she is 33 yars old, she is daughter of Francisco and Guadalupe
he is my eldest brother and he is 20 years old the studies at the faculty of engineering,he likes to do a lot of sport and is very very inteligent
My name is Marlen I'm a student and i have 14 years old, my favorite color is the Green and my favorite actor is Jhosh Hutcherson and this is my family that I love.
He is my younger brother and he is 12 years old, he is student at the secondary level, he loves to play video games he is very very cute I want it so much.
he is my cousin and he is 16 years old
He is my uncle and my aunt's husband with whom he has two children
she is my aunt and she his 45 years old so she is the sister of my mom
He is my uncle, he is the husband of my aunt and he has 55 years old
she is my aunt,she has two children and she is 50 yars old.
he is my uncle and he is the husband of my aunt, he is 50 years old, he had two children with my aunt
she is my aunt she is 50 yers old and unfortunately his youngest son died
she is my aunt she is the wife of my uncle and she is 40 years old
he is my uncle he is 43 years old and he lives with his family un the USA
she is my mom she is 43 years old, she lived in Hidalgo for 13 years then she went to live to Mexico City, she cusine well and she is very affectionate with me and my brothers, i love her so much
He is my dad and he is 50 years old, the Works manager in a Company, is very very inteligent and affectionate with their children, he is the best dad i love him very much
He is the brother of my dad and he is 50 years old, he lives with his family in Mexico City, he have one children
she is the wife of my uncle she is 45 years old
He was my grandfather and he lived in Hidalgo; he was a farmer but also was a fhather of nine kids.
when she visited the animals taught me for that and many other reasons the strange. He was my grandfather preferred.
she is my grandmother and she is 77 years old; my grandmother is widow although his age is advanced does not stop him reaping, it is what she likes as well my grandfather she lives in Hidalgo.
She is my grandmother she is 75 yers old with her almost do not talk but i love her despite this,serious else she lives in Mexico City.
he was my grandfather to the had no opportunity to meet; unfortunately died of cáncer with an age of 50 years

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