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My life with Myself & Friends♥

Hello !
At half past 4 i have a hockey match,
I have to play against a boys team the Jc2 FROM Upward.
Normal i play against girls temas but now they asked to us if we wanted to play a exhibition game
So i hope we win !
My life with Myself & Friends
This blog is about me: Manon.
Every week i'm going to write something about my life, school,
friends and things i do after school.
The summer holidays have ended and school started again.....
I was happy to see my friends again but i didn't want to go to the lessons.
My summer holiday was so amazing and i had a lot of fun with my friends there so now i miss them and i wanna go back to summer paradise ♥
But next year i return to them so i'm already started with countdown

Tonight i have to play a hockey match to the girlteam B1 and i play in the C1 so i hope we win !

Hi !
Every week I'm going to write about something in my life,
this week about London.

In October I go with my class and with the other classes from HAVO/VWO TTO
to London for a week.
We made groups from 2 and 3, I'm in a group of 2.
In Londen I will be together with Leah in a host family :) So we sleep there and eat there, we will only be there in the evening and in the morning because during the day I will do things with my hole class.
I'm very excited that we go to London because I think it's going to be great !
In the bus when we go somewhere i will sit next to Lisa :)
And together with Lisa i will go to the Abercrombie & Fitch and ofcourse the Starbucks !

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