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Best Friends For Life

Best Friends For Life

hey send me a picture of you and your friends and say any problems you had and how you gat over them & send me a copy of your diary (or jornel)

friends stay together as long as they live

hey if you and your bff have boy problems like yall both like the same guy me and ariel can show you how to solve it
here is how to solve the problem you both like the same guy well you either both ask him which one he would reather go out with or yall both drop that guy a boy isnt worth a friend ship
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hey if you and yourbest friend are really friends dont break these rules:
1.dont forget bday
2.never get very mad if they dont tell you somthing but you hear it from someone eles
because that person might not know the whole story
3.dont spread rumers bout them
4.dont breack a promise unless its bout them killing themself or someone eles
5.dont and i repet dont let a guy come between u and ur bff in the long run friends will always be there and boys wont

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