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A couple months ago I was pleasantly surprised when my uncle and aunt came to my house and told me that there was something in their car. when I walked to the car i was really curious what it would be. As I looked through the window I saw a softcase of a guitar. My uncle said: "this is yours.". I opened the door of the car and grabbed the bag, I felt something was in it. When we walked back into the house i opened the bag and saw a brand new shiny guitar (see picture). Plugged it in my amp and played it, first on the bridge pickup wich sounded really nice and sharp, as for the neck pickup wich had a nice smooth sound. as for my dream guitar wich is a fiesta red Fender 1959 Stratocaster (see other picture) I will buy it when I have enough money (around 3000 euros). thank you for reading my blog again. :)
Last monday me and my class were free for the first two hours, but I was stupid enough to wake up an hour earlier so me and my father could go to Almelo to pick up my new bass guitar. It's a copy of a 1972 Fender precission bass (see picture). Mine is coloured in red metallic and has a rosewood frettboard. It came with a large bass amplifier and it really sounds like my uncle's Fender p-bass. I really enjoy playing it since my electric guitar has to be repared. It was really worth the 115 euro's.
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Summer vacation:

I didn't actually did a lot this summer vacation but all the things I did did where really fun, for example when i went to adventure park Hellendoorn with my parents, my brothers and a friend of my little brother. It was really fun but some af the attractions where a bit childish, luckily for me there also was a rollercoaster that made one looping and a corkscrew, i went in that rollercoaster about 7 times. at the end of the day we went to a snackbar in Holten and we had something to eat. more about my vacation comming soon. :)

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