Daily life - About me & friends
my home, my fairytale castle

welcome to my little castle! .^-^.

my first day to open a blog..
a little nervous,i am...
just don't know what to say...

i hope there are friengs who would like to come &see me & encourage...

hope it will be all right!~

now i think i may do it...
i must say i'm sooooooooooooooo inter eted in beautiful buildings~~including man-made ones & nature-made ones!

i'd like to travel all over the world~it's wonderful,isn't it?
however, before that,i may,have to do a lot of preparation...
you & me
enough for me...

a boat send me far...

space to embrace me

angles are always with us...
we need to find it



by HGS

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