Daily life - About me & friends

Surfing, Rock Music, and vollyball!!!! Thats my Life!!!
Party on! and NEVER do drugs!!!! Always give hugs!!!!!
Hey Y'all this is Lilly here are some fun facts about me

I love to surf i could spend all day on the beach sufring my life away

I listen to rock music. I like system of the down, OAR, Papa roach, ACDC and maney more
hEY THATS ME!!!!!!!!!
I lOVE metal, and alternative rock, and vintage rock , punk! I am a total headbanger and such a hippie!

Led Zepplin is the all time best band evea!! I really look up to bands like the White Strips! One Day I want to either open up a coffie shp in N.Y.C or be in a band!

I Have a alot of crushes but none of them even know who I am so it will never work out. But i can always dream! Lol! I have been in a relationship before but the guy was a real ass!! Excuse my language. So I am single and Lovin it! So if David Beckem, Cole Sprouse, or Chris Brown ever come on to my blog please give me a shout out! mabey we could hook up!

I and 14 years old
I have a huge crush on David Beckem , Chris Brown, and Cole Sprouse!
I love the way vintage and classic rock sounds!
When I get older i want to own my own coffie shop in N.Y.C
I Also have a huge crush on Teddy Geiger! Wut a hottie !!!
***What do people think of you?***
People think That I am a...... Omg I am a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY

social butterfly

First impression? Outgoing and extroverted, you've got lots of friends in all different groups. People have stereotyped you as a party girl because you're always up for doing something social, and you're the one who always knows the plan for Saturday night. Since you're not afraid to open your mouth to express an opinion or tell someone what you think of them, people feel there's never a dull moment when you're around.
Doesn't sound like the REAL you? You know how you always read interviews with celebrities known for lavish partying and they say, "That's so not me--I'm really down-to-earth"? You may be kind of like that--you feel totally laid-back and yet for some reason everyone thinks you're this wild party girl. Here's how to let people see more of your serious side.
Tip 1: As great as you are at it, resist the urge to entertain! Next time you want to give your shocking or sassy opinion, pause and count to three. Is it really worth it? If so, go for it! But look at every opportunity as a chance to give a more thoughtful or heartfelt (instead of just crazy!) opinion instead.
Tip 2: Stand on the edge of the group instead of in the middle, at least some of the time. That makes others take the floor, and you'll get to take a nice break from always being the center of attention.
Tip 3: Once a weekend, hang out with your closest friends doing something low-key. Don't feel you're letting people down by not showing up at a party. Sometimes being offstage can remind you what it feels like to be the real you.

What do people think of you?
Well Thanx for coming onto my Blog and Plez Leave a suggestion on the Forum! Thanks!

Surfing Rox!!

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