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My life as Leah♥

Hello! My name is Leah and this bolg is about me: Leah!
At this blog I'm gonna write about my school, my friends, my life, my hobbies and more...
Like my summer holiday!!
First I went to France for 3 weeks. When I was back at home I went with 3 friends to Friesland were we stayed for a view days. I had a great time there and also in France!
At this blog Im trying to write every week, hihi!
I hope that you like my blog, x Leah
☺☺☺ .

Today I'm gonna write about London!
With school I go to London in october for one week.
All the children are going to a host family and I go with my friend Manon.
We first are going with the bus to France and than we are going with the boat to the UK.
For me it's the first time I go to the UK.
Everybody is very excited and I know it's gonna be a great week! x Leah

My life as Leah♥ (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Leah - Netherlands

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