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Hello people,

Today I had till the 7th our. I'm very busy with homework. Friday I have to hand in a flyer of the German language. I have also a 1-test of Dutch language. This is it for now.


Today we had till the 7th our. But the 5th our we had a difficult test of mathematics. Now it is weekend! Tomorrow i do also gymnastics. Further I don not know what i'm going to do. On monday we have also a test again this time of the German language. It is a 1-test. This is it for now.


I found a nice video that I wanna share with you. This is the link:
Do you like this to? I hope so!

Hello everybody,

Today we have 7 lessons. First English on the computer. Then we have dubble our arts. After arts we have a break of 30 minutes. 4th our we have nature and technology. We have to present something what we have made. Then we have misses Gerritsen in 003. The 6th our we look at a performance. The 7th our we talk about that performance. That is my roster for today.


We have now English computer lessen. We have to make a blog. That is why I made blogs. After this lessen we have a dubble our arts. There we paint things. After the dubble our arts we have a break. The break is thirty minutes. Then we have Nature and technology, and also Duits. Then we have another break. And then only Geography. then I'm going to cycle to home. This is my roster for today.

Hello everyone,

This is my first blog. I'm going to talk about my friends. My best friends are: Nikita, Pam and Madelon. We met each other on school.We all like one direction. Pam is the best fan of one direction she knows all the names. We like this song the most: More than this - one direction. Here you can listen to this song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WP6H0MXFKeU. Do you like this song too?


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