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Welcome to everything art. I will write about many different arts and crafts and I will try to post as often as possible. I love arts and crafts so I got the idea to write about it and share my tips with other people. So I hope everyone enjoys reading my posts.
For my first ever post I will write about art journals. I found out about them a few months ago and ever sense I've loved it. So for those who are not sure what and art journal is. Let me explain, differen people think of and use use art journals differently. Some don't write in them at all and express there feelings in drawing. And some have few words. Some write in them like they would an everyday journal and glue in things like ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, ect and draw also what they are feeling or just random sketches. So mainly different people do use there art journal in different ways. So to get you started on your art journal I will explain what to use for an art journal. I use a sketchbook for mine and I put my favorite colo of duct tape on the cover. Then wrote my art journal on the front. You can pretty much use anything for your art journal. A notebook, journal, sketch pad, Ect. So tomorrow or soon I will talk more about art journal and decorating them. Comment and tell me if you loked my post. Also if you and suggest other things I should write about.

For the background of each page you can be very creative. You can draw polka dots, stripes, squares, stars, color the whole page. One thing that I suggest is that you draw your drawings on the page before putting the background. So after you have your background and drawings you can glue or tape in things. Or write what happened in your day. Now of course this is how I art journal different people do it differently like i said yesterday. So now that I've mainly explained the basics of art journaling you can pretty much go on your own. If you would like me to write more about art journaling comment and tell me. And also comment and tell me what else you would like me to write about.

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