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my name is kyle
this is soccer web site
tell you how to play soccer
and it has heaps of stuff
it tell you some places
that you might be able to

how to play soccer
-if you touch the ball it free kick
for the other team

-if you kick the ball out on the side
out the other team has to thorw it
over thier head

-if you kick it out on the other goal
line goally kick if the other teamkick it on
there goal line it you hav to kick at the corner

-if you score it the other team kick it
at half way

club that you can join

my club is three kings united in auckland

and central united is another one that you can join is in auckland

another one is north shore united in auckland

and melville soccer club in hamiton

if you like soccer then go on

fun stuff and rugby touch

or you can click on fourm

and wirte something inand stay in

touch with kyle

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