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Kryvyi Rih

My name is Mark. I live in the big industrial city Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk region). I'm proud to present pictures of wonderful place where I live. Photos are made by my father who blogs about Kryvyi Rih at
Kryvyi Rih translated from Ukrainian and Krivoy Rog from Russian, so both names are correct.
Enjoy pictures and next stories about my city

Karl Mark's Street - central part of Krivoy Rog

Statue of dog and volf based on the soviet animation "There once was a dog"

Art-Square, place for festivals and cultural events. You can see a big chessboard, there is chess school nearby

Monument to famous ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko in front of Central Postoffice

Krivoy Rog at night

Karl Mark's Street with its colorful fountaines. Bird's-eye view

Shopping center "Liberty" in the winter evening

Administrative building of City Council

Monument to the city founder - Cossak Rog with horse
Collage from different city views
Krivoy Rog is a big industrial city with lots of quarries and mines. Iron ore is extracted here. Our city is the iron heart of Ukraine!

Huge machines

In the ore quarry

When quarry isn't working anymore it filled with water. In such way industrial place became a wonderful artificial pond.

Look at this manmade beauty!

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