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Hannah Montanna

*Hannah Montanna*

Miley on the beach!

This is Miley and her best friend for life Emily Osment!

I think Miley needs a new hair do! LOL

Miley's birth name: Destiny Hope Cyrus

Birthdate: November 23,1992

Birth place: Franklin,Tennessee

Sport: Cheerleading

Color: Pink

Music Syle: Pop Rock

I luv my do just like Miley cyrus! My dog is like my friend he is there when I need him. He is a full-blooded boxer. This is a picture of him when he was littler. You should see him now!

This is another best friend of Miley's her name is Ashley Tisdale!
Miley Cyrus or is it Hannah Montanna?!?!?!

This is the cast of Hannah Montanna!

This is Miley and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus!!

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