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My special pic of friends!!!

Special pic of us!!!!!

This is my friends. We always spend much time
for getting best memory.Of course, because we have to leave soon.
They gave me both happiness .
I can not find anything to replace it.
So many time we like to take pictures.
Some pic is ummmm......>>

We are very close to the management.
This is a Thai day in Thailand. The students are dressed in imitation of characters in dramas in literature.

What is he looking at??????
Like he suspected something.Lol
Astonishing smile!!!!!!!@#$%^&*()_+

This is one of the courses of Thai students.
"Military students"
This man is not sleeping enough.
He usually sleeps at school.

Songkran, we ride patrol car to enjoy all the routes.



Nice reaction!!!

Skin care of students
in my school. Lol

Good night bro!!

We do not usually have good photos.
But all of it will be inscribed in memory.

Thank you for the fun, hopefully we will be back again.
Khamcha-E Phitthayakhom school
Tambon Khamcha-E Ban Khamcha-E
Thailand 57000
email: pangpun22@hotmail.co.th
Kriattipoom Sansom No.2
Utumporn Konsue No.18

My special pic of friends!!! (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Kriattipoom Utumporn - Thailand

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