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Konlarn 🌈



1.KON LARN 🌈 🌊
Sea Island beautiful clear water of Pattaya. Near Bangkok just two hours, the island is a popular tourist favorite. Or seeking a pristine white sand beach. Turquoise sea as the sea. As a result, visitors unremitting. Koh Larn, Pattaya 7 km away from the coast has many beautiful beaches.
Most bustling with tourists who come to swim. The sea is very clear on this island. Water activities to enjoy such as boat, ski boat, parachute, scooters, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, nice to sit and chill. Called the island as a vacation full of configurations.

Tawaen Beach 💛🌈

When it comes to Koh larn Most visitors are heading to the beach, this popular beach is tawaen Beach defeated naban port because it is the boat the Sightseer tawaen Beach. Located in the northern part of the island is roughly 750 metres of sandy beaches, the beauty and beaches, because they have clear water blue. It is popular with tourists, most to the beach. Look, there are boat trips and a lot full of tourists. Which are mostly foreigners. There are a whole lot of the player pool scooter Jet banana boat. There are shops, restaurants, beach service, including a souvenir shop located along the beach. There is a canvas-lined bed to the end of the beach, including a minibus. Motor bike parking serves more than any other beach in the bustling, somewhat.

Tien Beach 🏖

From tawaen Beach continue to beach Another beautiful beach on the island, one million, but a flurry of tourists will have fewer beaches relatively little when tawaen Beach, beach, candle, beach, crystal clear water, beautiful tawaen beach beach with a length of about 500 metres from the beach, the unique stretch of beachfront is smooth until the beach.

Samac Beach 🏝

From the beach to the long sandy beach, samae beach is approx. LAT 700 meters, is one of the beaches for tourists
to relax, as many foreigners, especially in Europe.
The beach is the first beach when 2. It is also the location of the building production control for electric Stingray with wind turbines and solar cells. Makes available public and private sector agencies, and the general public, to study the use of renewable energy in such places on a regular basis.

Grandparents Beach 🏖 🌈

The beach is gluten is opposite the beach above singularity is only one beach, because from the dock in front of the house. To turn left, while the other beach, turn to the right.
It is located close to the harbour front. Beach grandparents beach is quite peaceful, clear sea, white sand beaches. Tourists and not crowded.
Call is probably the most peaceful beach on the island

Nual Beach 🏖

Located near a small beach, samae beach is 250 m long, if compared to other beaches beach that not many tourists, because with the clarity of the water, the sea and the sandy beach it is also Deputy tawaen Beach and beach are very.

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