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Howdy Hey
Sup home dizzle
we decided to make this blog cause you know we wanted to and whatever
Our favorite movie is SUPERSTAR
yeah for SUPERSTAR
okay its funny
"sometimes when im nervous i stick my hands under my arms then smell like..this"
Sharkbait muhahahahahmuhaha
everyone who comes in here has to leave a message in the forum thing if you dont we'll hunt you down like a wildibeast tracts down water on a hot summers day
Catch You Cats On The FLip Flop, Lata


Hey, this is maddie,I'm updating this but Katie isnt here but ohh well
so ^^^ these are the guys that we think are hot, well some of them i'll post more when i get some which might be right now
yea so below is a picture of Kevin Bacon when he was in Footloose,which is a great movie by the way,he looked hot when he was in that movie


This is Tare Panda I can never remember if its a guy or a girl but im going ot call it a girl, i love her, shes cute, she never walks cause she is too lazy but when she wants to go someplace she rolls there
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


This is Tare in the bathtub

This is one of favorites it has Tare Panda in a Godzilla costume

Ahhh...Tare Panda angels!

Tare Panda sitting on a hamburger

It's a bird, it's a plane, No,it's super Panda!!!

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