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Hello everyone,
My name is Kirsty Louise and I am 13 years old. I was born and brought up in England near to the capital London. I am a Gemini thats my brith stone symbol I was born May 24th 1999 but I would have liked to have been born in 1970s where pun rock was starting to beguin or arund the time when my nan and grandad were born that generation was pretty cool as well. If I could make up a world and bring it to life like the Earth is now if you know what I mean I would have worlds collide where there are people like you and me with powers where you can fly and have bat wings which are huge and you can cast realy spells for bothe good and bad, there will be mythical creatures like ginormous fire breathing dragos and big tall angry ginats but some are friendly though but if you get on the wrong side of them they do have a temper, tiny little fairy's also exsist which can fly and do magic and have their very own wand and they shine like glitter and where ever they go glitter falls of them. The world would be very bright and colourful a bit like under the ocean with all the coral and fish evrything would be perfect there are also gardians a bit like Santa, Jack Frost, Sand man etc but waaay more powerful :) <--- so that's a world where I would love to be liveing in.

Got a new hair style (BOB) :P completely different from my old hair style do miss it though oh well :)

So here we have Gizmo, snowbell and Ratty they are all rats if your not sure haha. They are my lates pets and I love them to bits I do have enougher one but havent got a picture of her yet her names Matilda and shes the mum of snowbell and Gizmo Ratty is house trained and she can do tricks.

My favourite things:

Music: Alesana, Marilyn Manson, Black Veil Brides, Insain Clown poses, Bring me the horizon, Suicide Silence, Motorhead, nirvana, muse, oasis, slip knot, flyleaf, Blood on the dance floor, rob zombie, the beatles, children of bodom, Evolove, Kerli, A static lullaby,basshunter,estelle,Anberlin, Blacklisted me,Rivals, Dear whoever, Amanda Clements,Icon for hire,My chemical Romance,Neon Hitch,Panic!at the disco,papa Roach,snow white's poision bite,Swiss Music Kidz, Asking Alexandria, sleeping with sirens mayday parade and so on...
I may have said some artists names twice dunno :/

I like to draw anime cartoons mainly and I love dressing up as a cosplay mainly on halloween though because all the places to go for the cosplay things are quite far away I use to get this magazine called Neo it had a load of anime and manga and new cool xbox play station games reviews stuff like that and places to go if you like cosplay stuff like that.

Favourite films: I like horror, thriller, adventure or fantasy I don't mind CSI crime detective programmes. I watch this popular tv series called pretty little liars and I watch Eastenders as well which is on every night except from Wednesday and Saturday I've been watching eastenders ever since I was little, I sometimes watch WWE raw which is good but apart from that I don't really watch things on the tv except from films and movies I love Tim Burton films he is an inspiration very creative and great ideas Alice in wonderland, Nightmare before christmas and Dark shadows are some of my favbourite films by him but I love all of them. I love all the pirates of the carabbean with Johnny Depp. I like some old fims such as on the busses and steptoe and sn :$

Favourite food are pasta, chocolate, grape soda,fanta, tea, pizza, cookies, monster energy, hot chocolate, soup,

The reason why I made this blog is to make friends with people that have a similar interest as me. I don't really know anyone who is scene/emo/gothic like me or in to the same kind of music or in to any of the things I like so it will be interesting to know someone who does. :)


I'm going to be posting stories, poetry and drawrings pretty much a LOT of things along thoughs lines and music just the good bits of life really. If you have any ideas or question you would like to ask I will answer them please no hate or rude comments though.

If you want to get to know me more or be my friend the contact me her :p
I like to email as well as recieveing letters :)

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