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What I think about Amber Portwood:
Here's my opinion:
Amber Portwood is a bad mother. She's a bad influence to her daughter, but yet she still has custody of her daughter, what a low-life. Fudgin' retards don't know JACK! They need to put Amber in jail, so she can work out her issues or she's never going to be able to be with Gary.

Chelsea Ann Houska + Aubree Skye Houska
Aubree was born on 9-7-2009 weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces. Since she was born 5 weeks early, they kept her in the hospital for a few days, Chelsea's boyfriend Adam was a huge jerk and didn't care about Aubree one bit. Therefore, Chelsea did it alone with Chelsea's mom, Mary. Chelsea's father, Randy, and Mary split up when Chelsea was younger but she mostly lives with her dad, because like me, she's a daddy's girl! :)If you have anything to say, you should let me know! Thanks!

Just thought I'd stop by to give a warm welcome! Miley Cyrus was on TRL a few months back. I'm sure she'll be back again. Haha. Also! Justin Drew Bieber was on Ellen, Greyson Michael Chance was, too. I also like watching 16 & Pregnant. That's an excellent show:) I'll post pictures of my favorite teen mom's too. :)

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me!! This is about celebrities that I absolutely love. If you're a hater of any of these celebrities please get off immediately thanks!

More pictures of Chelsea&&Aubree!

If you have a problem with Chelsea, get a life! She's a good mom unlike Amber Portwood who's a total B word. Sorry to the people that LIKE Amber, but I hate her.

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