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Need some advice? Look no futher! I'm Kenzy, and I'm ready to help YOU! We have problems of our own including liking boys. We have see advise colums and advise blogs, and we know that we all have different things about us some good some bad. If you need some help, we can give it too you. send us an email or leave a note in the forum but sign ur letter with a name like "Baffeled by my Best Friend" and we will say "Dear BBMBF" which is the first letter of each word. 1 question and answer will be posted as the "Advise of the week" above the F.A.Q. section. I hope you like everything on our blog!!!

My friends Taylor and Clara help me with advise sometimes.

I have a problem, my dog died. What do I do
-I loved my K9

Dear ILMK9,
Talk to your parents. Maybe, you and your family can get a new dog or other pet. If your parents want to wait awhile before getting a new pet lay off the pet idea, or spend time with another pet.

Someone in my family is constintly depressed. What should I do?
-Just want a laugh

Dear JWAL,
You need to talk to this person. If trying to make them happier isn't working, then this is becoming serious. The need to go and get help.


My parents are always mad at me. What should i do?
-Hated at home

Dear HAH,
Talk to your parents about how you feel. Remind them they were kids once, too. Make sure they understand everything, without you yelling at them. You'll be happy you did it!


My friend and I are fighting, and I just want it to be over. How should I help the fighting or end it???
-Tried of bickering

Dear TOB,
You need to tell your friend that it is important to keep this friendship together because it is important to you. Make sure you both know that "Bickering" happens, but something stuiped shouldn't be the reason you two have a big fight. Or, if this friendship isn't for you, calmly tell her that this isn't what you wanted and you need a break. Also, tell her that in time, it could work out, you just need some space. Hopefully, she will understand, and if not, she might not be the best friend to have.
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Remember, Email me your problem. It'll make you feel alot better, plus we will help you along the way!

Remember 2 Laugh at yourself!!!

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