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This company started early 2011 due to a lot of interest in traveling and road trips. Touring is a great experience for both locals and foreigners. The experience of having to see new features or getting to know new people and cultures makes us feel fulfilled.
The best way to tour around the world is by sharing this moments with friends either in person or via photographs as we all know they capture the events we never want to forget.
Touring is an art that not all people enjoy but for those who do its an awesome journey in life they never wonna miss out on.
Inorder to enjoy make sure you are comfortable with the environment and also the people around you. Just a piece of advice!

This company is all about tours and learning more about different cultures like in Kenya we have the famous cultures of the Maasai, Turkana's among others.
We also have wildlife which is very captivative and eye catching.
On top of it all we have beautiful sceneries like the Lakes, Water Falls, Rift Valley and so many others.
We give our clients practically everything they need ranging from booking hotel rooms according to their abilities, taking them practically everywhere they want their wish is our command, hiring cars for them, reserving restaurants for them among so much more.
Our number is +254724316651 Esther will be your host for your whole stay here in Kenya.

Traveling is all about passion and in order to have the passion or enjoy the safari you need someone who can take you places that you've never been. I can take you just about anywhere in this beautiful country of us. There is Hells Gate, Mombasa where there are historical sites like Fort Jesus and many more, Fourteen Falls, Lake Naivasha which has Flamingoes and so much more. We offer great services to our clients and we always keep contact with them even when they go back to their home countries. Just give us a try and we woun't disappoint you.
The company is becoming more stable as the days pass by.
We have had many clients coming back because of our good services to them. We also hope that you'll also join our big family. We'll be more than honoured to attend to you. We book hotel rooms, hire cars, check on you from time to time, take you practically every where, hotel reservations, picking you from the airport and so much more...
Our prices are friendly since we do care about our clients.
We'll be glad if you join our family and enjoy with us the Kenyan beauty. We do
1. Slum tours
2. Kibera slums tours
3. Beach holiday tours along the coast
4. Cultural wedding and honeymoon adventures
5. Wildlife lodge
6. Birding tours inside and around Lake Victoria
7. Disability tours in Kenya
8. Health and HIV/Aids community tours in Kenya
9. Photographic and filming tours
10. Walk tours in Kenya
11. Wildlife safari's
This are some of the things we do but also we do so much more.
We are only one call away +254 724 316 651 or email us on
Kenya is always a land that attracts foreigners for a very long time. There are different interesting things ranging from culture like Maasai, Turkana, Luo and many others vegatations include shrubs, trees, animals and so much more. Just the sund of Kenya makes tourists view or imagine the most fasinating features that exsist here naturally.
The Land of the Blacks company is based in Nairobi and it covers Kenya as a whole. It is run by proffessionals who take absolutey nothing for granted to ensure you get first class services. The tour guides have a proper understanding of the country not because they are natives but because they have spent quality time to study flora and fauna inorder to deliver only the best to you as our client. Our tour guides believe that first class services are the best so welcome aboard as go through the best of experiences that you would never want to miss
We have an offer coming up during the August to December holiday. The first twenty people to apply for our services will have a suprise package to take home and not forgetting a planned dinner date in an open place with a great cultural touch so i bet you don't wonna miss it. All this will happen in the end of our agreed time to serve you the last day of working together then that day you'll get all this as one huge package.
We want to just make reservations for you by the time you arrive to Kenya and not forgetting picking you from the airport to the reserved hotel of you standards and preference.
If you are in Kenya then thats also great since we can meet up and talk about where you want to be taken and when and the price then we can come to a consensus.
Our email address is:
phone number: 0724316651 its reachable 24/7.
We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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