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Little Boy from Sri Lanka

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I'm V.Kavindu Dilshan.I live in Rambuka Village.I'm 11 Years old.I Study at D.S.Senanayake College.My father's name is V.Ananda Piyarathna.My Mother's name is H.A.Renuka Dhamayanthi.I have one sister.She's name is V.Kavindi Himasha.My favourite subjet is Maths.I like to be a Docter.
My Country

My country is Sri Lanka.It's my motherland.Sri lanka situetad in Indian ocean.It's pearl of Indian ocean.

My Old school

My old school is Rambuka e-village school. More than thousand children studies in my old school. Therein thirty teachers teaching in my old school. You can see my old school web site. I love to my old school.
My current school

My current school is D.S.Senanayake College.It's famous school in my country. More than 6000 children studies in my school.My school's principle is Sir D.M.D.Dissanayake.My class teacher is Miss.M.W.G.Priyadarshani.You can log on to my school site. I love my school.

Sinharaja rainforest

Sri Lanka has a only one rainforest. Itís situated in Rathnapura, Nuwaraeliya and Gall districts. Itís has a many trees, animals and rivers. We have a responsibility to protect Sinharaja rainforest.
About Cricket

(pictuere of world cup)

Cricket is a world famous game. Itís made by Englishmen. But the Australian is three times world champions. Cricket is a discipline game. Every four year there is a world cup. Itís organized by ICC (International Cricket Council). Also Sri Lanka has a better team. They are one time world champions and two times runners up. Also I love to play cricket.

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