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Welcome to My Blog 101! This is a place where I can teach and show you guys cool things!!! I can tell you some things in my life, and hopefully I can here cool stories about whats going on in your life!!!!! Like the guy that lived with us went on a 24 hour walk a bit ago! hope you enjoy this website/blog and if you do then there will be more content!
Ok im backkkkkk! Do any of you know what a degu is? no?!? well time to learn! A degu is a rodent that originated in Chile, it was recently domesticated and is still illegal in some places, mostly in California, Alaska, Georgia and Montana is still thinking about it. But if you live in canada its legal! (at least in nova scotia, alberta, and more im not sure about the rest) well I hope you learned something, and hey! feel free to find out more!

Hey im backkkkk! today I want to here about your youtube channels! you can email me at petpower09@gmail.com and tell me your youtube channel name! maybe I will post it for the the blog to see! my channels name is pigs plays I have videos like "Im the boss!" and "piano and dinner mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" hope to here from you!!! CYA!

Hey Im Backkkkk!! Do you guys play roblox! do you want to support moi!? well then join my roblox group! Pigs Plays !!!! my user is pigs_rule321 Hope to here from you guys soon!

Hey Guys!!!! Today im showing you my schedule for the week (pretty much every week)
. Sunday- nothing

Monday- nothing
Tuesday- Youth group
Wednesday- Skipping club
Thursday- Piano
Friday- nothing
Saturday- Play rehearsal

Wait! piano Thursdays!? I GOTTA GOOO!

Do you like Dear Canada? somebody please tell me there fav dear canada book! i need a good one for a book report. thats all

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