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hey for all you avatar lovers hope you enjoy this little peice i made (i know i did). Do you like water bending, fire bending, earth bending, or air bending!!!...

hey guys do you like mushrooms you know i do!!! especially friendly ones!!!

You know toph ,right? the earth bender? yeah she rocks more then jello... pushin rocks around and smash them into people its better then doing homework right any way you got to try it to bad you are worthless!!!!!!!

water bending is one of my favorites... i like when katara throws big waves at zuko even though he is kinda cute, any away it looks kinda cool!!!!

fire bending is probably one of the scariest bending ever(yeah right)you could pee in your pants... any when zuko hits aang right in the avatar stage it fills you in suspence right? yeah sure go head leave!!!!

this is fire bending it is made from fire(duh)...

this is the closest picture to water bending so forgive me guys there weren't many choices to choose from. this goes out to my bestes friend sofia sidhu!!!

this is air bending "whoosh!!!!!!" (that made a difference) air bending is kinda boring anyway it is kinda airy(that was very corny).

Dont for get earth !!!! throw rocks at me and im coming after you!!!(sike) any wat it is very very very cool!!!

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