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Our Pure Friendship and My Happy Family(*_*)~~

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HI!Welcome to my blog!I am Karen.

I will tell you something about China.It is a beautiful country£¡

I have lived in Shanghai for 14 years.I will also tell you about Shnghai.

This is my dog, Lang. He is a chow chow. He is very cute, very fat. He runs slowly, and very lazy. He always likes to lay down, and wait for my father to help him massage or carding. We all like him very much. Sometimes I envy him. Because he slept better than I, have better than I do, all will know sleep idle away in seeking pleasure.However, I still love him. He is humanity, sad sad when I can accompany in my side. The dog, who doesn't love?

Photo Show
My spring outing
In the second photo, the girl with glasses is me.

Photo Show
Peach Blossom Festival

I have a happy family.There are four persons in my family. They are father, mother, grandmother, and me. My family are all very friendly.Who is my mother and grandmother in the picture. Long hair short hair is my mother, who is my grandma. They have very good relations.I hope my family in 2012 and better development.

This world is beautiful!!

I'm new here. And I really want to improve my English.So if you want to help me,send me a message.
Your Sincerely~ Karen
China Shanghai

This is Shanghai's famous night in the Bund

This is the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower

This is the Shanghai Jinmao Tower
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Thanks for visiting my blog!See you next time!!!
Have a good day!!!

Our Pure Friendship and My Happy Family(*_*)~~ (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Karen - China

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