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Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai has proved he's a lesser UDA Parliamentarian in the August House by the way he handles affairs relating to his Electorates. The Legislator has for instance been unable to provide the much needed bursaries among other development programs in his Constituency!

This is after he gatecrashed a planned Local Administrators' gathering on Friday 19th Jan. 2024 to distribute blank Bursary Forms to Chiefs who had been assembled by their bosses for work-related drills. While his colleagues including those in the Opposition have planned such sessions to meet students/parents across their areas of jurisdiction, the MP hasn't been able to do so since he squandered his kitty through a proxy entity in the name of 'Nimrod Mbai Foundation'.

See, the reaction of some constituents:
_√"Launching and issuing cheques to beneficiaries are two different things...mara nitasomesha beneficiaries from my outfit, mara huduma centre... Something is not adding up...hii story sounds like the one of direct sourcing of oil...G-to-G through a certain Gulf Entity which has been rescinded so far...the shilling is still enjoying a free fall."_ Said one observer.
_"Yes please...let's know how much was used for today's event... Money laundering...wash wash!"_ Quipped another.
_"He had rejected the chiefs previously & never respected them."_
_"The 2 MCAs who attended the meeting previously worked with Nimrod, witnessed & planned alot of looting. They used bursaries/development monies to grow themselves & campaigns!"_ A former campaigner confirmed...

The gun-wielding turned politician is facing Impeachment Threats by his Electorates at the end of this year!


One Ward = One People = For One Aim = Prosperity!!!
The Leaders' Consultative Meeting was on Sunday 19th July at Inyuu AIC from 3.00pm. The Participants were Elders, Community & Religious Leaders drawn from the 8 Sub-Locations within the Proposed Ward Boundaries, namely;
1. Ndunga Sub-Location
2. Katumbu Sub-Location
3. Kathande Sub-Location
4. Kyanzai Sub-Location
5. Kanguu Sub-Location
6. Kiongwe Sub-Location
7. Kitho Sub-Location
8. Inyuu Sub-Location
NB: Kathande Sub-Location is to be hived off from Zombe/Mwitika Ward while the other 7 are from the Lower Part of Chuluni Ward!
24 participants attended the meeting.

The Chairman of The Steering Committee, a retired KNUT official Mr Charles Nzoka chaired the meeting. His remarks were:
_"We have observed over the last 40 years, in 8 General Elections as politicians from the Upper Part of Chuluni Ward win the Civic Seats of course with our massive support and fully believing that they would eventually serve all areas equally but they have always turned the other way plunging our people within the Thua Valley(as famously referred) into total marginalization! It is time to have a Ward since our areas are socially, economically and geographically related one way or the other..."_

Former Nzambani Sub-County Teachers BBS Chairman Mr Peter Munyaka also spoke at the meeting among other leaders!

The process of collecting views from the public for the Formation of this New Ward was initiated by 2022 Senate Aspirant Boni Tembo Mûtinda, alongside other leaders, who in his remarks observed that:
_"This is an opportunity for the whole community and future generations to equally benefit from the fruits of Devolution going forward. These proposals will be presented before the IEBC Boundary Review and Delimitation Committee later this year... I urge all people of goodwill, alongside elected leaders to support our efforts so as to finally achieve our dreams." Periodic Ward Boundary Reviews and Change of Names are provided for in Article 89 (3)(5)(6)&(7) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 among other provisions!"_

The process has gathered momentum in the warm up to the IEBC's forthcoming activities...

Report by Senior Correspondence,
Kambatalk Press
By Bon-wa Tavvi

Part 1.
There was dancing everywhere but there was mourning too; it was a situation of mixed feeling, one that couldn’t be avoided. The owners of land had the last laugh, their decision was final, and they had already broken the judging pen one used by the High court judges. On the middle left of the dais seated the incoming leader Hon. Peter Ahmed Kang'oi, in his wheelchair beside a stiff-tight faced bodyguard ready and fit for the work but very new after all; he would be reinforced after a short while. On his immediate right were the outgoing and retiring head of state, His Excellency the president and the commander-in-chief of all the armed forces of the beloved democratic republic of Korogocho, Hon. Konche Ole Lesoi. You could notice unsettled ness in his mind, a body guard too stood by his side, who seemed relaxed than ever like a bird of prey that had suddenly discovered that the victim of its intended attack was already dead after all. His master also seemed tired of waiting and was loosing patience; ready for his turn to give his last speech as President to a country that was tired of seeing him in the high. According to him he had tried all he could to run the state smoothly and so it seems unlike others in the region, it was the only country free of conflicts so far.
All in all people seemed unaware of that, the witch hunting that the opposition of the time offered filled their minds not knowing that this was its role to streamline the government, they trusted it. I wondered if this was really the redeeming day for the society. Even though we were mistaken by thinking who was wrong and who was right, I could see some few changes in the future either way. But the a hundred and so promises that Hon. Kang'oi had made to the public worried me a lot. Going by facts, the incoming Hon. Kang'oi was once a vice president of H.E. Ole Lesoi when serving in his government for ten years. So could he make a better leadership than that of his one time tutor? That question and others kept lingering in my mind. Hon. Kang'oi once the minister for Health introduced a bill to cost share between the public and the government for smooth running of his ministry, despite protest from the backbench- transformed members of the house. Foolish loyalty, blind loyalty, I call it; damn them.
Journalists and other professionals among them prominent personalities of the land had flourished the famous park to get a glimpse of the former friends and allies in their worst but historical moments. Hon Kang'oi is known to have shifted from the ruling National party of Korogocho (NPOK) to form another one at a time when no registration of other parties was allowed. It was a one party state. He had read the signs of the league the president H.E Ole Lesoi had formed and considered himself out. Many thought he would be successor but years passed by before that dream came true. Some government official of H.E Ole Lesoi had read the signs of defeat too in the run-up to election and heeled away to new allies who now would form the government. So where was the new breath? Everything would remain the same, no change! Note that the bodyguard to H.E Ole Lesoi would still remain the Hon. Kang'oi’s even after the handover the complete his term as per the military rules. If any corrupt deals would move from an adamant leadership to a new generation. Everybody would remain loyal to the new leader of face fire. Actually nothing would really change except the higher eclon case. Everybody waited patience pays at last.
It was dump founded! I saw the true picture of my grandfather standing in-front of me. He had completely blocked my way; I wished to turn back and run very fast when he held me by the arm. We had a discussion a day before the election took place and differed. He found me reading a newspaper and went straight to show me an opinion page;
‘Do you see this’? He had asked.
‘Yes, what about it?’ I responded.
‘Don’t fool me, H.E Ole Lesoi will actually retire peacefully, because his project will sail through’ he said with relaxed breath.
‘Which project’? I asked and without waiting for his respond immediately I added, ‘Nothing! ‘Hon. Kang'oi will win this election. He explained to me how me the case of the Democrats and the Republicans in the United States of America went and how the latter head held the position of the ruling party for a long time without defeat and the tactics involved. We had a heated exchange until I gave up and raised another issue of our domestic animals. There was a bull that never wanted to see any other junior bulls following the maiden cows; but that bull went to fight one day, and came back without one horn; bleeding porously almost to death. I had cried all night long vowing never to rest until I revenged with the opponent who had harmed our beloved animal. All was in vain since I could not fix back that horn to our bull. When I thought my grandfather had come to my shoes about the issue of our bull, I knew I had won.
‘That’s it’ I said at last raising my eyebrows with desperation unaware of my next move. I knew my grandfather was very sensitive with political issues and he knew I was too undetachable to politics and clever.
‘What’s it that you surprise me’ he asked,
‘I am still coming, my point is yet to ring in your mind; I said with a relaxed voice, ready to make my point.
‘Hon. Kang'oi cannot win these elections they are already won’ He said and looked around the room as if unaware of how many people were listening to him. ‘I tell you, when am twenty years old, you will never beat me in politics’ I twisted him to make him shift his attention elsewhere, but he was adamant.
‘Why not now’? He asked.
‘Because now, I have won,’ I said with finality.
‘Not yet’, he noted looking straight at me.
‘Hon. Kang'oi will win since H.E Ole Lesoi has ho horns like our bull, and no one can replace them’. He kept looking at the ceiling old ones he had used when building that house which he was working at the KAS (Korogocho Airways services) as the Airport controller. I wondered why. Perhaps he thought how H.E Ole Lesoi would arrive at the airport with applauds from the public, and wondered why he now had no horns to fight Hon. Kang'oi for his project - young man of the lineage of his heir who he had installed as his successor, amid protest from his party followers who had since shifted to back Hon. Kang'oi.
‘Studying the old man’s mind was my biggest challenge and I will have to admit that even tiny organisms were corrupt otherwise my efforts to unveil the truth will not make any impact in you which I intent to ‘My grandfather Sir Frankle Kamaa was the chairman of the local branch of the ruling National Party of Korogocho-NPOK, which for now had ruled the country since independence from the British five decades ago`. So bear in mind it was hard to change his mind. But I wanted to try; I represented the new era, which was to take power sooner. His wife, my grandmother, Mrs. Stella Mumbua was the leader of the local women's organisation. In their late sixties they stood firm with whatever they believed.
‘’Ndonga”, he called out No stranger could have noticed that Sir. Kamaa was really calling anybody, since he did it as if he was talking to his inner feeling that was his style; he could call you by name only once and make no advance to explain that he needs you closer. We all understood. I came running as a chick runs to her mother- hen when called ready for a bite of whatever her mother could be having; hoping for a better bite. He had come to like me by the name my mother called me since it symbolised a great sign in our religion.
Some ten or so kilometres from the famous Manguo market in the interior of Kalalani village, elders and women of the village had gathered to a wait for their newborn at the time of my birth almost some two decades ago. The Kalalanians as they proudly called themselves knew very well that when a daughter of theirs gave birth in the village that was real blessing. Even in most cases they could not allow her to get married since she would go with the blessings. More so when mum struggled of pre-natal sickness and survived, they too predicted it was a boy and a double blessing to a village that was as dusty as its roads and that needed a redeeming hand for a blessing. Diverting from the main road that was also murram covered by the soily waters red like blood after rains that led from the district offices of Timbaland to the Eastern constituency office of the then member of parliament Hon. Hussein Okoth were medical experts of the local dispensary heading to a function that was only predicted for the day giving birth. There was no vehicle as that road was too ragged to pass any; they came by foot. Dry baobab trees greeted their way on that sunny morning. Even the blacked of all became brown, due to the dusty road. No member of parliament had made a trip to that village by that time, yet it was part of the larger constituency. During the rainy seasons, the three rivers to the villages flooded hence making the citizens locked-in, never to come at least to Manguo market if not to the Timbaland offices for a month or so.
My mother struggled with the delivery pains until she finally gave birth. She was taken to her mothers house with other two midwives of the age of my grandmother, who were qualified by experience but not by education. There were illustrations in the whole village! It was a boy at last. They all sang praises to God, quoting the fact that daughter of theirs had given birth to a baby boy; right at their home peacefully. Immediately traditional experts convened for an urgent meeting that was chaired by my grandfathers elder brother, Mr. Ndetei mother’s paternal uncle.
“Ava, mbaa ndini”, he greeted them their traditional way.
“Ava”, they all responded with shouts and joy.
“We are gathered here now for a very special mission, naming of a baby boy- a double blessing that our daughter has brought” shouts and ululations from the old men accompanied his pause of words.
“We won’t take more time, lets give him a name”, he said. The old men lifted their hands to propose their favourite names.
“Musembi” Mr. Mulumba who is a counsel proposed.
“Mutunga”, Mr. Ndonga added.
“Ndonga”, Mr. Ngandi proposed too.
He wanted only three proposal, Mr. Ndetei uphold tradition greatly, strictly three names.
“Now we have three names; who are for Musembi, Mutunga and Ndonga respectively, keeping in mind that our daughter might decide to get married which will be a disadvantage to us; according to her will, consider also her lineage names and ones that suggest real double blessing," he made sure he quoted all the key words here; that was Mr. Ndetei’s knowledge and wisdom. At last they landed on Ndonga that means richness and was one of their deceased elder in their lineage. So they blessed me from day one. My now very grandfather uphold this all the time, with dignity; he didn’t want to destroy my reputation as a big person. We continued with our discussion but this time round I gave him more time to express himself. Mine was an eye and an ear keeping all he said in my mind.
It was early in the AD 1990’s when our nation Korogocho got involved in talks of democracy and changed from a one party to a multi-party democratic republic. No one believed that such a time would come when the NPOK accepted those ideas from other stakeholders; the opposition leaders, donors, activists, religious leaders and the list is endless. Two years ago in the general election that had extended president Lesoi’s tenure; there had been an alleged rigging of votes by those allied to the president. So there was an urgent need on the opposition side to speed up the talks. Many disappointed candidates in those monolithic state elections vowed never to sleep until they were satisfied by a democratic multiparty system. Making those changes that were being fought for were frequent deaths of big personalities who openly campaigned against the government, others were detained without trial. Those who backed president Lesoi were duly paid with ministerial positions in the incumbent government. Blind loyalty; call it.
They could survive all evils, and could run away with victory in a court of law. But they were neither spared when they messed up or a slip of the tongue against H.E Ole Lesoi. They would regret the remaining part of their life as politicians. Politics is a dirty game! but should not be left to litter a state. Everybody in Korogocho lived in fear; there was no freedom of speech. One did not know when his time would come; leaders were assassinated day and night, families wept all year long but H.E Ole Lesoi could reward the deceased after a short while, to cover-up his ills. I listen to the old man with a lot of keenness. Did he want the continuation of this black tenure of death? I wondered. But perhaps he did not understand that H.E. Ole Lesoi men of kitchen were masterminding restlessness around the country to make sure they remained in power. It wasn’t sir Kamaa’s fault; then who’s?
I noticed for the first that there was no black hair on his head even that in his nostril were white; on the eyebrows alike. It was a sign of wisdom he had up there no doubt. He had worked as a civil servant in the office of the president for close to ten years before joining the (KAS) Korogocho Airways Services. He knew the coin not on one side. I kept listening; I was more patient than ever. I knew it was my turn and an only chance to tap wisdom in my mind. Maybe this old man wanted to control the political world the way he controlled the Airport; he had the will and the vision to do it only that out here there were no tools to use, only mind. Sir. Kamaa sat with his back facing his portrait in full official suit; there was an inscription of capital lettered word; I strained to read them once again as this was an everyday task every time I passed there I would do it. I didn’t want to attract his attention, since I wanted him to keep narrating his ordeal. It read;
“Peace and Peace for everyone” in the three languages English, Kiswahili and Kidada our local language. Besides his portrait, was a framed placard; it was written poetically;
Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
Everything passes. God is the only thing
that is permanent. Patience conquers all.
If you have God, you lack nothing!
God is more than enough!
(St. Theresa)
One, my grandfather was a politician of the modern times; ‘Umau’ as we used to call him in fam also a strictly practicing catholic faithful. He would chase everyone home and hurry to church to inspect our arrival which if anyone missed would be punished over the week; and his wasn’t very good, you would remain a whole day digging a trench in our farm or remain the whole sunny day with the cattle in the forest looking after them. It all depended on his mood. That placard had remained there on the wall for decades and I had never thought about it, but it was now my admiration. I asked myself several questions; is this why ‘Umau’ remained unmoved by incidents? Did he actually know that everything would pass with time? that’s why he was never disturbed, frightened, he was all patient but strict on values. He really kept his stand. Sir Kamaa almost noted my attention on the wall, but I was fast to shift and looked directly on his face. Wrinkles of flesh ran down from the middle of his eyes simultaneously through the nose on both sides down the upper lip; marks of handsomeness long gone on his two chicks were quick to show themselves in good and bad emotions. This showed he actually participated in the childhood initiation programs as sign of a true Kidadan. All of “umau’s” brothers had joined the army at an early age when the white man came banging on all Kochian doors in the early years of colonization. ‘Umau’ had since joined the church missionaries who had inquired his parents for an elder son to join their school; there was hard work in the force. However his posture could have squarely fit in the army had he been recalled; this made the other three of the family; six feet and some seven or so inches tall, an all round Kidadan man, muscular fairly brown but black according to the Britons. His father who was a senior chief in the area had allowed the whites in the land. That’s why he became the first victim of civilization by giving out his son to school; though other villagers opposed. He had the last say. The British brutality that came some few years later forced all young men to the army. Many regretted for not joining the missionaries; and boast being the first scholars of the region.

Chapter 1.
Part 2
Sir Kamaa’s house was a modern set up. He boasts to have lived in both the old and new generation. There were two 3-seater couches facing each other, two 1-seater couches still facing each other forming a rectangle with a low- leveled table at the middle. He claimed he adapted the setup from a missionary priest who came with the first lot to his land. ‘Umau’ sat on the 1-seater at the far end of the house from the main door, where his portrait hangs freely; he liked that position, everyone there knew it. I sat beside him on the 3-seater occupying all the available space to feel comfortable. That way I did not think I was against him even in ideas, I liked it that way, slowly but slowly I would win him with my pace. We also shared a lot when closer than when facing each other I thought.
It was becoming dark outside and everyone else was assisting our shepherd in getting our animals in their ‘boma’ respectively. Sir Kamaa had all the admirable wealth in the land. A hundred or so cattle went out to the field every daylight; not counting the bulls that remained ploughing the shamba about six or so sets of four and the young ones who couldn’t walk long to the grazing fields. Goats and sheep included were over a thousand. Donkeys, pigs and poultry were never counted in our history and tradition; they all knew their home and couldn’t get lost. There were more than twenty workers for the animals and over a hundred casuals daily on the farm. This showed how those who had great influence in politics were duly rewarded. Remember he was only a local leader! How he liked president Lesoi, only God knows. I wanted to go out and assist them but he was quick to signal me back to the couch. I relaxed completely! I wondered why perhaps he acknowledged my deeds.
like the only leaf left in the Namib Desert; I didn’t understand why. He said,
“Cool down young boy”.
I had come to like him by the way he consoled us in good and bad moments. He continued;
‘’ During the El-nino rains some eight years ago;’ he paused I knew it was his way of expressing his views,
“I experienced a duel of survival between some two friends who had since become foes in the name of our animals”, he galloped some air in desperation. He added; “they were all tiny animals, the house rat and the lizard”;
“Umau, where are you heading to?” I cut him short.
“To your head”, he said as a smile shone in his wrinkled but joyous face.
“No, not now”, I protested vigorously and shook my head; he ignored me and continued as if nothing had happened.
He explained how the two had gone swimming in the waters that were plenty everywhere and the repercussions. He said that while the lizard scales kept him dry, the rat’s hairy body remained wet, and he remained dumb not knowing where to go next. A python that kept watch of anything along the waters found a ready food. The lizard fled away back to its hideouts. News at seven in the evening was nearing and ‘Umau’ switched the television set on that had been kept off throughout our discussion. News bulletin and newspapers were his favourite; he was alcohol free and so he begged anyone who wanted to buy him a brew to buy a newspaper when he needed one; that way he kept drunkards at bay. Radio and television news commenced and ended with his Excellency the president, Hon. Ole Lesoi at all times even when there was no important or special announcement he made. How loyal they were. Briefing on some prominent personalities and top government officials always followed. Then afterwards the tycoons of the time in the higher echelon class-followed suit, and Umau couldn’t hide the fact that he liked it that way. He always applauded and to explain the issues in government. He was greatly absorbed in it. Upcoming politician in the area sought advice from the old man and one was convinced of winning the elections if the old man stayed by his side; however slow in decision he was. The president was regarded highly with due respect; he was actually referred as the father of the country; the ‘mzee’ or the elder of elders; the beloved leader, the most high as far as the human thinking and ranking in leadership of our state is concern. What sent me to surprise was the kind of government he made; yet he passed all the goodies of the nation. Robbers were set free every morning due to lack of evidence in their wrongdoing while innocent Korogochians or simply Kochians were regarded the thugs, crooks and murders and convicted by the court of the land; we had a very frozen judicial system. Ministers walked freely out of the court of law; everyone was for his own belly. No one thought of other but it was everyone for himself but God for us all.
To grow and be brought up in such a corrupt world was my big worry; yet no one noticed that. I imagined everything was corrupt, every time I encountered with anyone I thought of corruption. At one time I lost interest of the news bulletin. I had a fear of this mammoth word of ‘corruption’, but I was optimistic that one day it would be buried in a grave of forgetfulness, since all mammoths had gone to extinction, this would follow suit. I had no obsession after all; I was young but not too young to notice anything; only that I could change the situation. Everything was recorded in my fresh but little oblongata and I would open up to myself when I faced it rough at times. It is still fresh in my mind, but who is to blame? I cursed myself for being born in such a country. Was there no other country that was free from social evils? Why didn’t I belong there? However I didn’t want to loose hope completely; I knew one day I would rise up on my own to challenge this world. When I would have won Sir. Kamaa; everything would be all right! I left him to concentrate on the news bulletin a lone now, even though I showed some little interest in it just to cover-up. I knew very well that sir. Kamaa had won the race now; after the experience he had of the two tiny animals. But I refused to show him that I wanted him to understand that I was also not easy going. Back on the screen, the government officials were being displayed like goods in a shop one after the other. The ministers for finance, Hon. Kamwale was speaking to journalist in the day; he had been releasing the budget earlier in parliament before commenting on it. Some commodities had been priced down while others had shot up. He said that this was a people’s budget sir. Kamaa applauded at the mention of the ‘peoples’ I thought otherwise. I thought he was becoming mad.
‘Umau’ I asked him or rather called,
‘Yes’ talk to me; he responded.
“How many local ‘common mwananchi’ use gas cooker in our region?”
I asked hoping for no answer anyway since knew there was none. He kept still like waters, which run deep; I knew he had a deep thought; I didn’t give him much chance to come out of his dilemma, but hit again once more on the budget. “How many have vehicles in our area, or travel with vehicles day to day? Prices of gas and petroleum had been announced to be slashed and gone down then expected to the advantage of the wealthy man who used gas cookers, had vehicles; as a common knowledge the common citizen usually used firewood in their kitchen, while on the other hand boarded vehicles only/ at least once per year or when sick and required specialized treatment from the district hospital.
Prices of common items like sugar, salt, had gone up double. These were actually the ones that needed rectification. The minister had raised the prices of beer, cigarettes to make sure that very few people took them; following a debate in the house that required the in excessive use of drugs but wasn’t passed as a law due to stiff rejection by other stakeholders. This had repercussions on the a thousand workers in the factories who led a common life. They would be jobless soon, since the production would be lowered and hence the sales. Umau listened as my tern had now come to narrate to him. He wondered how much I had in my mind; he didn’t think I had this much. I caught him unaware. Owners of public service vehicles had since doubled their fares between destinations due to the introduction of road safety rules that required all vehicles to be fitted with safety belts, speed governors, and stop overloading; this had affected their day outcomes. At one point I saw sir. Kamaa nodding to my lecture and I clapped in my heart. I knew I was a winner, during the old man to believe my points. He was not a lone in the field, there were others who would not even want to here one speak evil against their government. The National Party of Korogocho was their father and mother. NPOK is our ‘baba na mama’ they proudly said. The ministers had further stated that the economy had gone high by a 5.3% from the previous four years they had been in power adding that 93% of the countries economy was primarily our own resources. It was a common knowledge that states across the world had registered a growth in economy over the last four years. Whether Korogocho was led by a Makerere graduate or a Mangua market primary school dropout, the economy would have grown by that margin. From New York stock exchange to the Haiti markets, an economy shoot out had been recorded, what worried analysts, the economy here in Korogocho had created a wealth gap between the mighty and the common man; that was dangerous to any developing state? The free primary education that had since been introduced grew permanently on citizens’ shoulders. And by straining the common man, the government had succeeded in education, increasing their pay, ‘the government was they’ the president had allowed the members of parliament to increase their pay; when at the same time the civil servants were striking day and night to increase their pay and improve working conditions. Labour minister turned a deaf ear against them. Branch union leaders were being sacked tirelessly incase of an organized boycott.
Everything was in a mess. Even the old man agreed with me at one point. Some few months before the budget was read out, civil servants namely teachers, lectures, doctors and other parastatals had a strike each at own time to demand for pay increase and favourable working conditions. All was in vain; it was all kept in store and was given empty promises. Critics of the government said the administration had failed to raise up to peoples expectations. Due to the introduction of the so-called free primary education, which was paid due by the poor man, there was influx in the few secondary schools since no plan to increase their number was made. Many youth were wandering around the Mundani city the capital of Korogocho country like scavenging dogs, with nowhere or nothing to do. Without reasoning and like umau’s thinking the government blinded many people in the locality. No body thought about the inner happenings of the leaders. Umau had been stealing himself against this moment, when I would give completely my mind to him. He knew I was clever and brilliant. Many people had referred to me as being wise as my grandfather and I was sure he always strained to prove this. He smiled a wan and ashy smile. I knew I was in for it. I did not discharge. I too faced him, and knew this was my time. I wanted to source everything from his mind and prove it. I knew sir. Kamaa was a good man who was loyal to a wrong group. These people had misused my grand. I wish I was him, but wishes are not horses and if they were then beggars would ride on. It was now 2100hrs in the night. We were watching a movie on the Christian family that stayed in Egypt in the olden days and were colonized. But before the colonization, they had all the goodies from their son Joseph who had been a king in the foreign land. Likewise in the early years of the reign of president Lesoi, everybody enjoyed life, goodies were flocking every village where had they gone? All those goodies they claimed they were healing the evils of colonization with the country’s resources when those facts flourished my grandpa’s mind his face became dull! I feared for his health.
[03/03/2017 15:22] ‪+254 714 866866‬: *🌈Ngilu must be a very cunning leader!*✍🏽
Since she publicly disclosed her bid for Kitui gubernatorial race, she seems to be riding on water problems in Kitui county.
Ngilu ironically criticises the incumbent Governor Malombe for water shortage menace in the county.

Ngilu was bestowed the water docket minister to solve water acute problems in Ukambani and more specifically Kitui but to our surprise she performed poorly to an extend of even leaving the 'giant' Uma dam in her constituency in disarray.

Before Ngilu ironically criticises Malombe who has sunk dams, dung boreholes, constructed earth dams etc... she should first tell us what she did to Kitui people while she was the Ministry of Water Boss!!!
*#countywatch #Kituidecides2017* series
[03/03/2017 15:47] ‪+254 703 834323‬: There's a difference between *Interest* and *Commitment*...

When one is *interested* in doing something, they only do it when it's *convenient* to them (just like syokau and umau) have proved to *Kituians* all the many years they have been elected.

Whilst when someone is *Committed* to doing something good, they accept no excuse but only *results*... Results which are good, progressive and not retrogressive change to all.

Since day one in the office ( Hon Gvn Dr. Julius Malombe) has proved to be *Committed* to achieving *Kenya's vision 2030* by the creation of *Kitui vision 2025* and a lot in the *Kitui blueprint*

This is not for him to be the *Governor* until 2022 but for the betterment of our *County* and the future generation...


*#countywatch*series *#kituidecides2017*

The recent county fm interview, where the host interviewed Senator Musila was a big blow to the his dream gubernatorial dream.

Upon being asked on his manifesto, he stammered on any possible disclosure...He said his manifesto was his personal idea and not a public agenda to be discussed.

It is true to assert that Musila has no development agenda for Kitui.

Musila should do the honourable thing, make public his agenda for Kitui.

He stands for *vengeance, dictatorship and land grabbing*

Musila needs vetting!
[03/03/2017 18:38] ‪+254 724 690803‬: *Talk is cheap but doing makes the difference...*

All the opponents of our *learned 🎓, wise, beloved Governor Dr. Julius Malombe* have been in politics for many years as we can all remember, they have done nothing great to account for, *only but talking, politicking and talking day and night!*

Please give us *'Kituians' 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦* a break of your *cheap rhetoric...*

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[03/03/2017 20:47] ‪+254 714 866866‬: *Edith Malombe's charity work touches needy residents*
Kitui County First Lady Edith Malombe through Kyeni Foundation today donated bed sheets and Lesos to the aged in the society at Mbitini Health Centre in Kitui Rural Sub County.

The event was attended by hundreds of people who support the good deeds of Edith Malombe and her foundation.
*Physically challenged Mutia Mwanzia* benefitted from Edith's initiative with a wheel chair to support his free, fast and comfortable transport whereas Mbitini Health Centre also received *delivery beds for pregnant women.*

Kyeni Foundation, founded and spearheaded by Governor Malombe's spouse Edith has made a remarkable contribution in society through a variety of initiatives.
She has given support to Kitui County residents by helping the aged, supporting people living with disability, donating shoes and books to school going children, provision of sanitary towels to girls, and overall empowerment of the girl child.
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[04/03/2017 09:26] ‪+254 714 866866‬: *KITUI: ACK Clergy support Malombe's reelection*
Governor Malombe's reelection bid in the forthcoming elections received a big boost yesterday. The Clergy expressed their contentment with his visionary and transformative leadership. The team pledged their unified prayers and support for Dr. Malombe's administration.

The Clergy reps. spoke during a meeting with First Lady Edith Malombe at Kitui Premier Resort. Edith urged the men of God to pray and give Godly counsel to the people during this season. Leadership should go to God fearing people whose sole mandate is to uplift Kitui people through equitable development.
The Clergy meeting was led by ACK Administrative Secretary and Vicar General among others.
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[04/03/2017 12:27] ‪+254 728 083456‬: Umau's camp crumbles like a house of cards

After realizing that their goose has been cooked, served and eaten, the ailing Umau and his cronies have miserably turned to stale propaganda that HE Dr Kyuma is defecting to Muungano.
This bowel movement analogy can only be advanced by a defeated team whose bid is dead in the water.
Dr Kyuma remains firmly in Wiper and is waiting to crush the museum bound senator at the nominations before voters seal his fate permanently on August 8.
Like a drowning man clutching on straws, sickly Umau has been throwing feeble threats to ditch Wiper and join his Athonua party; Jubilee where his fellow muthoni Joe Mutambu has been urging him to follow the voice of their Mt Kenya in laws or risk being cursed by Kikuyu council of elders.
It is becoming increasingly clear that senator Umau is on a Jubilee mission to auction the kamba community to his tribal Athoni!
"Shock on him though, Kitui people have got wind of his evil plans and have decided to send him to political deathbed. He stands no chance at all" observed Dr Dismus Mweu, a political analyst with keen interest in Kitui gubernatorial race.

Regards: The County Enigma

::::::::::::ABLE MEDIA TEAM:::::::::

Dominic Muthui Vs Commission for University Education:

How quality is Musila and Ngilu's academic credentials?

University amendment Act 2016 solely gives CUE the mandate of accreditation of degree programme which may consult professional body on the same.Dominic Muthui has heavily relied from this act to express his patriotism fears of electing a less educated Governor.His no nonsense attitude is informed and constitutionally compliant.

No workable compromise for Musila and Ngilu aspirations as a governor other than what is in the constitution.
Less education is a challenge,the two are them minus proper academic qualifications which reflects poor academic approach to strategic development.

To sample benefits of proper education keenly follow the exhibited prowess from one Dr Malombe the Kitui Governor,that is a properly educated devolution mogul (Able Media lauds kitui voters once more for choosing Malombe) minus less educated Musila and Ngilu who lacks experience as a Governor anywhere.

The society has always been fair to both the boychild Musila and girlchild Ngilu,they selectively invested most time in politics and ignored proper academic fields.Indeed! "Vaa kitui Kisomo nokyo kikwailya maendeeo"

Wembe wa Matiang'i wakata sawa pande mbili.

The fears of less education has been confirmed by the evading Ngilu/Musila vicious cycle who confuse extra curriculum activity certificates for a bachelor's degree qualifications.

Probe Ngilu and Musila and subsequent measures be followed.

ABLE MEDIA amicae de Dominic Muthui.
[04/03/2017 15:03] ‪+254 724 690803‬: *Edith Malombe's charity work touches needy residents*
Kitui County First Lady Edith Malombe through Kyeni Foundation today donated bed sheets and Lesos to the aged in the society at Mbitini Health Centre in Kitui Rural Sub County.

The event was attended by hundreds of people who support the good deeds of Edith Malombe and her foundation.
*Physically challenged Mutia Mwanzia* benefitted from Edith's initiative with a wheel chair to support his free, fast and comfortable transport whereas Mbitini Health Centre also received *delivery beds for pregnant women.*

Kyeni Foundation, founded and spearheaded by Governor Malombe's spouse Edith has made a remarkable contribution in society through a variety of initiatives.
She has given support to Kitui County residents by helping the aged, supporting people living with disability, donating shoes and books to school going children, provision of sanitary towels to girls, and overall empowerment of the girl child.
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[05/03/2017 15:34] ‪+254 714 866866‬: Today Kitui County Governor H.E. Dr. Julius Malombe joined hundreds of the gospel of Christ believers at Huruma Redeemed Gospel Church in Nairobi County.

Rev. Karanja preached to the faithfuls on the importance of living a holy life as written in the old and new testaments of the Holy Bible.
Governor Malombe was accompanied by the humble and God fearing First Lady Edith Malombe.

Other dignitaries present were Chief of Staff Kiema Kimoli, Finance CECM Simon Mundu, County Public Service Board chairperson Rose Masya, Chief Officer Susan Katusya, CO Mr Musyoka and Dr. Nzomo Mwiita from Voo/Kyamatu in Kitui East.
Dr. Mwiita is an employee of Amref-Kenya.

After church service, Malombe will lead in an album launch of Kitui born gospel celebrity popularly known as Kasolo.
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[06/03/2017 20:22] ‪+254 703 834323‬: The ongoing political noise and empty promises by Musila are a clear indication of a man preparing to loose in the nominations.

Having served for over 30 years in the public service docket, Musila must respect the voice of many and retire.

Looking carefully at the greed at which Musila yearns for the seat, one can rightly deduce that he has no vision for the county.
If anything, he ants to rob our county miserably before he goes home.

Teachers. There comes a time when someone must tell you the truth. Tsc has lied to you about promotions, interviews, house allowanses etc.

on Saturday morning news broke out that the CBA was indeed a hoax. The people who have been lying to teachers panicked. They knew it was game over.
TSC made a statement that we must address.
1. In the Statement they wanted teachers to believe that they had talked to treasury and because they know how to talk; treasury had assured them that it's was now ok. Rubbish. Gov't does not work like that. Budgeting is a process. A process that you cannot claim that they forgot about teachers CBA. Treasury is not some old forgetful idiot waiting to be reminded things. It is a well calculated process that takes care of everything. Simply put. treasury did not recieve the CBA proposals from TSC. Am saying. Either the CBA was incomplete or unavailable so as to be factored in.

2. TSC actually admitted in the statement, that it had not yet set the implementation brackets or period. And that is the bottom line. The CBA in Naivasha was incomplete. Treasury cannot work with imaginary figures. KNUT and Tsc went to Naivasha on honeymoon and did a shoddy job. They should have given treasury their figures and percentages of salary increaments. Treasury simply locked out the CBA on the grounds that it was incomplete.

3. Did you realise that the Statement reassuring teachers on the CBA and quoted in the media was not signed? (It could have been written by those mean looking askaris who guard TSC.) Why was the statement not signed? Because Treasury would have responded offically and proved that it was not to blame for the mess.

The EMPTY CBA is actually Empty. There is no money for cba come August 2017. Watch this space.
[06/03/2017 22:44] ‪+254 725 486613‬: The bullying Saga has reminded people of all these..
I have just made a sample of what people have written
These are the ones that have made my day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
1)Nilikuwa nalala juu ya form four flani sasa time ya kugeuka ananiambia nishuke chini nigeukie huko alafu nirudi tena juu.... saitaan!😂😂😂😂😂😆

2)Nilifungiwa chooni,alafu nikaambiwa niombe kama paulo na sila hadi milango zifunguke!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

3)siku ya admission kuna form 4 alikam ameng'ara akaniambia yeye ni bursar nikampatia pocket money aniekee alafu nkampatana naye jioni akitoka DH😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂cruel cruel

4)mimi nliambiwa nipande mifupa kwa mchanga imee nyama 😪😪😪
Alafu kuna beshte yangu alishikwa akitoka dining hall na ugali madondo akaambiwa afinye hiyo ugali itoshee kwa mfuko alafu madondo aweke kwa mfuko ya shati😂😂😂😂😂😂😆
This is just sad

5)Then a guy came with a cup nimgawie sukari ......akaniwachia ile nilimuwekea kwa cup akaenda na ya paper ....irony is huyu jamaa alikua anaitwa Roho safi😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂such irony

6)mimi nakumbuka nikiambiwa nikatie box yangu mpaka niingie ndani😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂mwenye alifanya hivi Aki😂😂😂😂

7)si tulikua tunapangwa kama radio kasette kuna play,forward,rewind,stop na speakers on both sides so the bully would hit play kwa kichwa speaker wanaimba akigonga forward wanaimba faster akigonga stop ngoma inasimama ustake ona akigonga rewind kila mtu anaanguka kicheko including wenye tunateswa😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

8)niliambiwa nipande mti ya ovacado, nilipofika juu nikaambiwa ni-hang alafu nianguke kama ovacado imeiva.........mpaka sahi mkono yangu inakuanga kombo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

9)Niliambiwa nichore mandazi ikimwaga utamu😢😢😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

10)Mi nliambiwa niandike my name hewani in capital letters na ni underline

And this one just made the rest of my year
Bed mate wangu wa form four Aliniambia nikue namwamsha akiskia kwenda choo usiku 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Like how was he supposed to know that you're pressed

[06/03/2017 22:53] ‪+254 714 866866‬: Partnership for Transformational Devolution team, a project funded by European Union EU and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung KAS on "Strengthening the capacities of state and non-state actors on devolved governance" poses for a group photo at their stand in preparations for The Fourth Annual Devolution Conference 2017.

Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute in Naivasha County will host this grand event from 7th to 9th March.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and The Chairman Council of Governors, Meru County Governor H.E. Hon Peter Munya will lead the Kenyan 48 governments; 1 national and 47 counties in this historic celebrations.

Clarion call: "The devolution transformation"
Theme: "Devolution- Transforming lives: Tell your story!"
#countywatch lens #Transforming lives #TellYourStory
[07/03/2017 05:20] ‪+254 706 909861‬: Successful people have two things on their lips, "smile and silence". Smile can solve problem while Silence can avoid problems. Sugar and salt may be mixed together but ants reject the salt and carry away only the sugar. Select the right people in life and make your life better and sweeter. If you fail to achieve your dreams, change your ways not your God. Remember, trees change their leaves and not their roots. You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones to every dog that barks. Haters will see you walking on water and say its because you can't swim. Even if you dance on water, your enemies will accuse you of raising dust. Make it your ambition to live a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your own hands. Remember, don’t ever wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, but the pig will enjoy it. -- Be Inspired and have a great day Be kind to share.
[07/03/2017 08:47] ‪+254 720 226750‬: *Today's Quote*

_Success will never lower its standards to accommodate you. You have to raise your standards to achieve it. God provides food for every bird but not in its nest. Rise up to the challenges ahead of you and conquer your fears._
[07/03/2017 08:54] ‪+254 728 404494‬: _*🅰TTENTION!!! Pls*_
_*I humbly request that you Read this very important message carefully.*_
_*1. Please do not send religious messages asking you to "forward to 10 people & good things will happen to you or else bad luck follows; or that you should await what God will do for you by tomorrow morning". This is because some people are making fun of christ in us. A good Christian should understand that luck doesn't come by sending messages. Good luck is not for Christian but grace and favor comes by being virtuous & praying to God through Christ Jesus . We should note that this is a form of shirk; and always remember that the biggest sin in using d name of God in vain is Shirk!!*_
_*2. Some preachers or nations have intentionally developed websites to spread wrong information about Jesus teaching.*_
_*3. Do not believe such messages or propagate them.*_
_*PLEASE IF YOU CAN, send this msg to Christians to keep them informed. If U don't spread it, Christians around the world could get wrong information about doctrine of Christ . Our God is not a conditional God. God doesn't bless or punish us because of sending a message. So if you can, forward this message as you have also received it.*
[07/03/2017 09:03] ‪+254 724 690803‬: Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe is attending the Naivasha Devolution Conference presently.

This is an existing forum where people discuss matters concerning #DevolutionSuccess stories in their respective counties.

The devolved system has seen the initiation of over 4000 development projects in Kitui County.

Have a great day
[07/03/2017 09:33] ‪+254 728 083456‬: Tune in to KTN News at 9am and watch/listen to Youths being represented for the very first time.

Kitui county is privileged to be represented by their very own Mr. Steve Mumbu working with Partnership for Transformational Devolution, a project funded by European Union (EU) and implemented by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) on "Strengthening the capacities of state and non-state actors on devolved governance"

He will be speaking to Kenyans live on KTN News at 9am at their stand in the Fourth Annual Devolution Conference 2017.

Governor H.E. Hon Dr. Julius Malombe will be leading Kitui county representatives in the fourth annual devolution conference.

Clarion call: "The devolution transformation"
Theme: "Devolution- Transforming lives: Tell your story!"
#countywatch lens #Transforming lives #TellYourStory
[07/03/2017 09:47] ‪+254 724 144727‬: Machakos Town,getting bigger&Better.New Modern KCB ATM.
Choose language-English
-Thingiisya kaati
-Ikia vini ****
-Kunya Mbesa?
-Kokunikila akaundi?
-sya liu
-sya sukulu
-sya sivitali
-sya kuuwa ngua
-sya Stalee
-Ngili miongo ili
-Ngili ikumi
-Ngili itano
-Ngili imwe
-Maana atano
-Maana eli
-ivetange vu kongo kaa,ndwikiaa mbesa wisi kunywa nzovi
-uma vu kana nasye ukwatwe

[06/03/2017 11:45] ‪+254 720 226750‬: *UR EYES WILL ENJOY THIS*

*The Holy Alphabet... This is Beautiful...*

Whoever came up with this one must have been filled with the Holy Spirit!

*A* lthough things are not perfect,
*B* ecause of trial or pain,
*C* ontinue in thanksgiving
*D* on't even think of whom to blame .
*E* ven when the times are hard,
*F* ierce winds are bound to blow,
*G* od is forever able
*H* old on to Jesus .
*I* magine life without His love,
*J* oy would cease to be,
*K* eep thanking Him for all the things
*L* ove imparts you to see.
*M* ove out of Complaining ',
*N* o weapon that is known
*O* n earth can yield the power
*P* raise can do alone.
*Q* uit worrying about the future,
*R* edeem the time at hand,
*S* tart every day with prayer
*T* o 'thank' is God's command.
*U* ntil we see Him coming,
*V* ictorious in the sky,
*W* e'll run the race with gratitude,
*X* alting the Most High God.
*Y* es, there'll be good times and yes some will be bad, but...
*Z* ion awaits in glory...where no one is ever sad!

The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything..

Love and peace be with you forever, Amen.


[06/03/2017 12:52] ‪+254 708 034680‬: In ukambani politics,whoever tries to snatch the button from the owner suffers a blow,take for example,former/late Chief of genearal staff Major general MULINGE wanted to snatch it from PAUL NGEI the then fierce and vocal ukambani kingpin and he was defeated the seat of Kathiani parliamentary seat during Moi era,PAUL NGEI was the hero of ukambani politics during the eve of mzee jomo kenyatta and some years in Moi's regime,After that the button was handed over to Mulu mutisya who controlled the whole of Ukambani,Both Paul Ngei & Mulu Mutisya were from Machakos county.After that the button was handed over to Kalonzo Musyoka from Kitui County.Kaluki Ngilu tried several times to snatch it from Kalonzo but at the end she came to lose her seat in 2013,Dr Alfred Mutua also is campaigning against Kalonzo, but he's likely going to loose his seat in the coming general election coz according to many,he want to snatch the button from Kalonzo by orthodox means,Among the 3 counties in Ukambani it's only Makueni where we're expecting soon after the retirement of Kalonzo Musyoka to hand over the button to non other than MUTULA KILONZO JNR, So as i can predict this button is rotating to the 3 counties of Ukambani ,or what are your opinions regarding to this issue?
[06/03/2017 13:52] Tr Mwende: Things that should be long gone from your teaching work attitude.
1. Getting satisfied when others succeed after sucking your blood. The grade is theirs. {mean score} In business performance is based on money.
2. Academic trips. Only go out to enjoy yourself.
3. Staff meetings. If its a lecture or monologue switch to social media.
4. Sycophants. These were the bootlickers. Ridicule them to mature up. Remind them that they will never be buried in the school compound.
5. Remedial or Muharo lessons. Unless paid at market rates. Min 1500ph and they should be within manageable times.
6. Sacrifices. Kwani wewe ni Yesu. He did it once n for all for the forgiveness of our sins.
7. School marketing. You are a teacher not a salesman. Kizuri cha jiuza. Even if you had a billion students what do you gain? The numbers benefit the accounting officer only.
9. Marking. Mark at school. Don't take papers to your house. Spend good time with your loved ones.
10. Deadlines. Insist on practical timeliness. Start exams early to have time to mark. Otherwise use commonsense.
11. Drugs n students. Don't tolerate them. Send them to parents and NACADA or Mututho. He did good work. The school is not a rehab centre.
12. Powerful support staff. The school is theirs. Stop competition. Work n go home. Just a reminder coz u know.
13. Power struggle. Merit is not in this career. You will become a head most probably at 55yrs. Vacancies are few n expensive. Be your own head n do business.
When you become a head know that you have become an oppressors. You are on the other side. Don't pretend. Its the truth.
14. Students business. It gives simsim. Tread carefully. It needs less effort. Don't steal or cheat on them. (Trips, logbooks, show, set books etc) The money is also cursed. That's why you never do anything meaningful with it.
Today pray that such 'mapepos ' are defeated.
I call for solidarity at our work places. Let's respect each other in our work. None is greater. We suffer the same but just a few pretend all is fine and increase others pain. If you have a karesponsibility or you are a HOD wacha kufinyiliana sorry, wacha ujinga. Tuheshimiane.
Stop 'selling' others it has no profit. When you sell other you lose yourself.
At you are the eye of the admin? Who told you they are blind? Wewe ndiwe chongo. (sp please)
Support each other to enjoy the much time we are together. (emotionally, spiritually, monetary, uthoni, bereavement, welfare gps etc) Remember we spend more time together than with other people.
When things are difficult for some(interdictions, show cause letters, warnings, bereavement etc) give a shoulder to lean on. Your time will come and you will be supported too.
Share with all the teachers you know.
[06/03/2017 14:28] ‪+254 723 842563‬: Political activism is borne out of mad love. You must be so madly in love with a country and its people to be able to lift your head above the crowd to defend peoples dignity against a complacent system. Along the way, I have lost three people due to this madness. If you survive the madness, the system gets you like it got Oulu GPO.

The story of GPO makes Francis Imbuga's play Betrayal in the City a prophesy. Its is now 7 years since unknown people went to to the morgue to collect bullets that were recovered from GPO's lifeless body.

RIP Oulu G.P.O

One day even death will die.
[06/03/2017 18:31] ‪+254 714 866866‬: *Nyeri County: The late Governor Gachagua laid to rest.*

Kitui County Governor H.E. Dr. Julius Malombe and other dignitaries from all walks of life today joined thousands of mourners who turned up at *Hiriga Village in Nyeri* County to pay their last respect to the late *H.E. Nderitu Gachagua,* the former county governor.

Gachagua died aged 64 years at a *London hospital* after a long pancreas battle of more than 3 years. His body had arrived at *Jomo Kenyatta International Airport* on the morning of Thursday 24th February amid an emotional reception. His body was then preserved at *Lee Funeral Home* until today's burial ceremony.

Gachagua remains were laid next to his father as per his earlier wish before he met his death.
*#RIPgachagua #countywatch* lens

Part 1.
In the Timbaland district officers, asked for the direction to Sir Frankle Kamaa’s residence; and you will get a quick assistance from anyone you approached. Alternatively, board public service vehicles heading to the famous Eastern constituency offices of Hon. Hussein Okoth, the local legislator. On your way don’t forget to view the geography along the road, a hundred or so frequent corners, but watch that you a light at the Tetete bridge that was built at colonial period. Not really on the bridge but at the bus stop- vehicles don’t stop on the bridge! That is the famous Manguo market. You would be lucky if you come on a market day when all types of animals also come shopping! Cows, bulls, goats, sheep, chicken, donkey, ostrich, dogs, zebras pigs, monkeys, name them, with their master tamers. A cross the road and opposite the bus stop, a murram road that seems deserted, red but smartly dressed with excellent drainage runs straight. Five or so kilometers you meet another shopping ground with at least one or two stable kiosks; after another corner, two big baobab trees stand astride and the road in between. This welcomes you to sir Kamaa’s home on the left. Mewing of goats, cries of all types of animals greet you even before the owners see your arrival. Decoration begins at the gate beside the baobab tree and goes simultaneously to the residence.
Traditionally, the first house is for his grand’s and boys of course. I resided there. Facing a modern building on the right of the compound, where ‘Umau’ held all political, social and religious meetings besides living inside. It contained everything a house on its own and of its kind in the land; bedrooms at least four kitchen being two, sitting room, dinning room, meeting room, toilets, bathrooms, stores and so on. On the far end of the compound directly from the main gate was my mother’s house, relatively smaller than my grandma too. Mrs. Stella Kamaa or ‘susu’ as we called her or simply mumbua as the villagers knew her was always ready for you with hands open to receive any visited. This was a frequently visited area you know! One was sure of a cup of tea and at least three or four slices of bread, which had become an almost lost commodity in the village due to it price. So you will trust me when I say that some villagers visited the home without any serious issues, targeting the cup! Rarely did you get in other families. We lived in absolute richness. We were regarded a royal family. But I wasn’t comfortable after all.
A large boma was constructed behind my mother’s house. It was believed that, that-way she would be as fertile as the boma. Remember that my grandparents were not blessed with any child. So at that age they had lost any hope and had since engaged my mother in a traditional matrimonial arrangement. My maternal grandpas were very pleased with the idea since she was joining a royal family a plenty of wealth and all that inheritance. There was a big tree outside the boma; that ensured that the goats and cows rested there during sunny evening. As I watched our goats I could see that everything wasn’t right. Young ones bleating around their elders. Running up and down their mothers’ backs; male ones chasing away the female; only that I had an observation here. A she- goat could only accept a ‘ride’ from a muscular and horny male and turn down an offer from a witty young he-goat that without doubt had a soft and tender organ. According to me, as long as anyone could rise up for the occasion, he should be allowed and given a change or two no matter how secure purposely one was or whatever else. It was at this stage that I noticed with keenness other pupils were all against us; one, we belonged to a royal family, and two we were all bright in school. I was in class three in the lower primary in the Manguo central primary school and for the history of the school, I was the only, who had retained position one since I came from kinder-gaten. My brother and sister relatively followed my footsteps.
We were now preparing for the end year exams so as to proceed to the upper primary section. I was eager to sit for the exams. I was proud of myself for I knew surely I would make it without or with little opposition if any. It was a night walk over for me. Everybody was proud of me too. My mum talked of me day and night at women’s gatherings. My grandpa never missed a day without the mention of how his grandson was excellent. Everybody else less concerned with my progress grew a notion of disliking our family for nothing. This wasn’t going to stop me from excelling, was it? I vowed not. Every teacher who taught our class went out joyous of my brightness. I could see their disappointment when I failed in exams. They all wished me success always. You don’t wish those prepared good luck! They say. I felt bad when I failed any paper and struggled to improve the point. That way I was always the best. However I had many friends in the school and out on field. Many came for revision and to tap some of my mind. Even some boys went to an extend of touching my head with hope of getting a bit of it.
It was one day to the exam ‘d-day’ when I was involved in an incidence with one of our he-goats. I had woken up earlier than usual that day; it was very early at down; a chilly morning. Birds were singing their praises to their creator for the gift of a new day. I said the morning grace on the bed and hurried out. At the door, a misty fog welcomed me. Actually a new day is known by its morning. Being the first born in a family of three, I was expected to wake up and assist mum in preparing our breakfast before I ran to school leaving the others to come later. I started cleaning the big home compound, waiting for mum to wake up and go to the boma. No sooner as mum heard me out than she woke. I joined her to milk the goats first, and then I would leave her with the cows and proceed to prepare tea. I held the goat by its limp legs so that mum was comfortable with the milking. I didn’t notice any other goat near me when I heard a hard knock and an abrupt pain by my side stomach. I hesitated to check but mum was swift to note the ‘mammoth’ he goat on my side. When mum stood up, immediately it dehorned and fled to the others. Mum felt down and coaxed on the floor. I chilled up. Mum was crying with the loudest voice I have never heard. A cold shiver ran down my spine leaving my body entirely frozen. Our herdsman, Kullah had heard the commotion in the boma and came helter-skelter for any rescue.
“Inyaa Ndonga, ukila” he shouted in a commanding voice that mum regained consciousness and strained to carry me. The abrupt quietness that prevailed for a half a hour worked like lightning. There was a red bunch of intestines on my stomachs side. Kullah helped mum to wrap me on her back. Within a twinkling of an eye I was at the bus station. I was bleeding from the inside stomach. My belly became large in seconds. I was really dying. Everyone knew that there was no hope. My mother struggled a lone over my illness. Males often distance themselves with evils or shortcomings. Everyone knows that. But whenever I succeeded elsewhere, Umau was always at the frontline to receive praises. That’s men’s style! I seldom understand the world; I cursed it, I nearly cried even though am not used. However my grandfather gave mum every available support through he attended the hospital only once in a blue moon. He was the only elder man around me, so I regarded him as my father, so you can be sure of how much I needed him. That route was filled with matatus belonging to the Wendo Travelers ltd or simply WTL, we didn’t wait for long, before one came. Those who seated on the rear seat, next to the driver were ordered out to give mum space and the comfortable position that we now needed. All this was narrated to me. The driver didn’t talk to mum. He was worried whether I would survive. He didn’t want to tell mum that she was wasting her time and money.
I did not notice our arrival to hospital. The operation experts were ready at the gates to receive a patience that now squarely lay on their hands. Everybody was flabbergasted. On the pave ways, all looked on; others stood still. Word went through the whole hospital fraternity, that there was an urgent patient. Business stood still in the whole hospital; I was rushed to the intensive care unit (ICU). This was a son from a royal family. In the theatre I was operated on the stomach. They decided to operate at the forefront left of the ‘mukonyo’ to check for any damages of the internal organs. Over five experts filled the room. They all paid attention on the condition hand to save an innocent life, of a child of an elder and an influential advisor or politics well known across the rivers, valleys, mountains and highlands of Timbaland. Day one rested at ‘chiollu’ and mum did not see me out. My grandma and other ladies had come to console her. There were some dry faces outside the gates of the children’s ward where mum waited. Nurses offered her an empty bed to spend the night. Mum started loosing any hope of ever seeing her son alive. The day when she gave birth to him was still fresh in her mind. She had been thinking about this for almost six or so hours now.
It immediately clouded her mind the day of my birth. It was around 2.00 am in the morning of the nineteenth day of the first month in the year ad 1985. Pains waked mum up in her stomach that threatened to tear her into two. She had rushed to grandma’s (maternal) house for refuge. Grandpa was ready for help. Nzisa my grandma ordered mum to sit down with legs flat and astride on her floor. Mum obeyed. There was no alternative sweet dripped down her cheeks like a mad dog, ready to bite its opponents; she waited for my delivery to no avail until it was six in the morning. People were not allowed in the house the whole day. Elders of the village, her own lineage, and all women and people of good will assembled for my arrival as mum struggled alone the whole day, twenty-four hours so to say. At again two am on the dot in the eve of the twentieth day, I came out. So smart that some women fought over whom her daughter would be married in our family. It sounds barbaric but it was the truth. An elder who explained to them that mum might probably decide to get married only separated them.
Fortune came at the same hour when mum delivered me in to this world; two a.m. the hospital attendants came knocking to alert mum that I was back from the theater. Everything was as white as snow. The ceiling, the doors, the frames, the beds and everything else; White for peace. Peace of mind peace of health. The matron in- charge of the children’s knew what she was doing when she sent mum and the attendants to ward 4, I was only nine (9) years old and no one imagined that I would fit in the men’s wards. But this was to be the home and an only bed for me and mum for the next three (3) months. I gained consciousness after two weeks, fifteen days so to say. On my stomach were a bunch of white cotton wool and a sticker of plaster of pans, squarely at the front, on the left side, a fairly smaller bunch, eight sets and four sets respectively. An electric bulb on the wall on my right; where my bed railed, was permanently fixed on top. On my left was another bed parallel to mine, with another bed that laid an old man who looked dead by my feet. Next to my bed was another bed that I only heard people speaking, never saw them for the period I stayed in that ward. Mum sat next to my head; she was not crying neither was she laughing or joyous as I was used of her. She called me by name to be certain that I was alive; a thing she frequently did in hospital calling me tirelessly; Ndonga, Ndonga.., Ndonga, Ndonga…, Ndonga!! The calling sounded faded in my mind, I never responded. I didn’t know neither did I hear her calling. The attendant who served food came banging equipments very early in the morning the following day. He served only those who brought their dishes hurriedly and passed a way to another ward, not noticing the new faces that didn’t know his operation. He would serve you meat and a special food only when tipped. The aspect of money influence also reigned; in government hospital. Thank God mum got food from the ladies who paid us visits frequently in the ward. They would come, give mum all the stories of the village – you know about women and all that stuff.
Weeks passed and now everything in the hospital was my daily encounter. I could walk out and back to the famous ward-4. There was a tree outside the notorious ward. We used to gather there in the afternoon; after lunch. But life in the hospital was a prison; I was surely an innocent inmate. I could not go out and walk freely. There were limitations. A gain I was sick and would not walk long after all. I would pass the rows of beds in the wards as if counting them. Once I came face to face with to nurse who had wanted to terminate my life. She had disconnected my drip when at the state of unconsciousness and needed an urgent portion of mineral water to feed me for two weeks since I couldn’t eat solid food. She had walked straight to my bed as if inspecting, plucked my switch and went away. After noticing the drip had stopped, mum followed her, but she claimed to be occupied with other things. Mum lost patience and went back to her. Other people advised mum to tip her so she could hurry, but due to her values mum uphold and decided to go to the management or matron and get explained whether my drip was over; and the reason for stopping it. The matron had since suspended that nurse from working for two weeks without pay for the misdeeds. She was shy to look at me directly on my face but inquired to know how I felt now after the operation. I learned abbreviation like T.K.K- ‘Towa Kitu Kidogo (give a small bit in the hospital. These were the instructions supposed to be corruption free zone, which was contrary to that.
It came two months and it was sooner three months. The bandages were now replaced for a third time and were allowed to go home. I was to stay for another one month without going to school; dining strictly on white rice with no spices, only cold drinks like soda and porridge and milk that were permitted. It was hard but I was to cope with that before I went back to school. Umau decided that we have a party all our friends were invited for the party. Elders gathered too. The very he-goat that dehorned me was tied up and I cut its throat that way ‘Umau’ claimed I would have revenged for the harm it did to me. The bandage was no more, on my stomach. We ate chapatis, meat, drinks and many others.
Chapter 2

Part 2
We danced ourselves lame that night to celebrate by rebirth as Umau called it, he like it that way. He loved me, he would do anything to please me. After all I was a treasure to him. I loved him too. But I had come to find it hard to fit myself in his shoes; concerning his stand on political issues among others. We agreed on all other things. There was talk in the whole village. Some people said my grandma went to witchdoctor to claim me back from the dead since I had already died according to them on that fateful morning. Others claimed that I was a devil myself since I would have killed my mother on the day of my birth was it not for intervention of the elders who went to traditional doctors overnight. All that and much hurt my heart greatly. It pieced my heart like the nails that pieced Jesus on the cross. I remember very well during the party, Umau had invited the catechist who led the masses in a Hymn of praise, ‘Te Deum’ that all faithful in the region had become used to. We had all responded with one voice,
“All praises to you, o God”!
We cry out to you; “you are the Lord”!
To you, o Father, a hymn of the universe.
Before you, lie prostrate the archangels,
Angles and heavenly spirits;
They thank you,
They adore you and sing:
“Holy, holy is the Lord’
God of the universe; the heavens
And the earth is full of your glory.”
It is you ….”
And at the end we had all responded in a collective and formed ‘Amen’. People in the village were being superstitious with my healing. What do people want, or they wanted to come crying for my life instead of partying? (after my death). The catechist had also read a bible verse and confirmed that we were all human being, God’s property. “ You have been bought and paid for “1cor. 6:20”. He had said that death should not worry us, since it was a way of going back to our heavenly father, and that we were all joyous that God had decided to extend my life in the world after such an experience.
Being a class monitor in the school, I had to encounter all types of personal both in the school administration and my colleague pupils. I was required to report all matters to the office of the head-teacher or the teacher on duty. Our class teacher frequently visited our class to make sure that all was well. I had a friend in that class by name Trizzer Aketch. I loved her, she had my heart and I had hers too. She would give me all goodies she had from home every morning. Everybody knew it, teachers, colleagues and outside class. Other girls envied her; they hoped they were in her position. However she was always naughty in class. She was never orderly; but I never reported her, which angered many. It was as if she had all rights in class. At times she could shout in class and make all types of noise since she knew she was shielded. We lived as family with her other kins; she loved my young brother and sister too; even mum was a ware. She was also bright. Then one day another girl pretended to inquire a point from me, she had come with a book on my desk and started showing me some questions, claimed she had forgotten how to solve them. Aketch had noticed her approach and advanced to me. She had quietly followed her from behind. I did not notice her arrival until she slap her on the face, and in my presence so that I felt the pinch. “You devil, what are you doing here”? She had inquired, and before the other girl explained her point, she vigorously shook her and continued with her insults. Aketch was unstoppable! She held the girl by her neck and pulled her ears; the girl screamed. I had to separate them; but Aketch was still in action. She turned the insults to other boys who had since come to separate them. I was left in desperation. I didn’t know what to do. I was told they had once again fought on the road over me, and it was my younger brother who had cooled down Aketch, who was intolerant throughout the encounter. The other girl had cried all the way home. But she did not explain it to her parents who had wanted to know the reason for her cry.
When teacher Moses came in from lunch, he had no word to say. He had inquired what was going on. He did not have much interest in the issue. I had handled his case a fortnight ago; he had requested me to take Diana, my classmate to his house. We had succeeded in the plans but since the teachers’ quarters were out of bounce to pupils, the head teacher had noticed unfamiliar faces in the compound. When asked the following day where she was heading, Diana involved me in her defense and without giving her more time to defend herself, he had sent for me. In-front of the head-teacher, I was one of the faithful pupils in the school. So you can be sure how I would react here. I wanted to prove that, I was really faithful to him that’s how he wanted it; he liked me, he trusted me, he uphold my position as a monitor. He believed I had all the best values to lead; after all he knew all of our family background and he knew I was bright too. I said the whole truth, that teacher Moses had inquired that I take the girl to his house. Teacher Moses had come to like me contrary to my frankness. He knew I stood for the truth. At the back of our class some words read, “Speak the truth and a shame the devil, by Ndonga”. My classmates had designed them, but every other person who came there thought I had done it. It was not me; I believed in own action but not words. I stood by quotation I read in a novel, “Not what I am but what I do that counts”. I upholded this as a fact. I had made many other deals with teacher Moses, he knew me inside-out just the way I knew him. My worry was how a whole teacher would push with his own pupil even though they say women and music are never dated! How he would engage his subjects in secret deals like this, I also wondered how Aketch would fight over me, remember the two culprits were assure of favours from their monitors and their teacher respectively should they succeed. This was my biggest fear what if it backfires? I kept asking myself what if our parents uncovered the truth between the girls and the two of us. All in all I tried to avoid any advances to indulge myself in their affairs fully. I also cared my reputation. But this was the world we were living everything was a contradiction! I knew this would change with time; but when? This question kept lingering in my mind. I kept all in myself.
That morning I came to school late; teacher Moses who was on duty had already arrived. It was a prize-giving day. It was on a Friday, still fresh in my mind. Duties had perfectly been done. The assembly hall was decorated than ever. It was at the end of the year. All the parents had been invited. All types of vehicles had been parked at the main parking, which had since been renovated. It is at this parking that I read some words inscribed on the blocks reserved for the V.I.P, “Quitters never win, winners never quit? Everyone who passed there got the words loud and clear. It seemed people expressed their news in writings those days; it was one of the best ways. It was a repetition of history, since this characterized the early years of civilization. From far I could see coloured writings on the front of the hall. I strained to read them from far, I was eager. I knew our art teacher was excellent in expressing her views in writings. It read,
“It is not a calamity to die wit dreams unfulfilled,
but it is a calamity not to dream, not failure, but
low aim is sin” the words were in block letters; I guess for clarity.
The message read clearly, it showed exactly the theme of the day; it showed how our teachers were destined to making everything better. They were ready to reward the witty and the wise of the year. These was no need of any speech from the teaching staff, they had already given theirs through writing. The hall was parked full! This time round we were not mixed up with our parents unlike the other occasions when we would sit with them at the adjacent seats. The hall was divided into two rows, from the front to the back. Parents sat on the right of the hall, while we occupied the left. The front columns on both sides were reserved for leaders of parents and pupils respectively. I sat there. The teachers and school committee members occupied the main stage. The guest of honour who was the district education officer was among them. A seat on the far end was reserved for Hon. Hussein Okoth who had confirmed his attendance but who had then not arrived. Teacher Moses was the master of ceremony. He invited a local protestant pastor to lead us in a word of prayer. Pastor Aaron Ngetch stood up. Nobody knew where he went for a theology course. Clad in a black suite, a tie hangs freely from his neck. His pointed black leather shoes were shinning like a piece of gold. His bible at hand, that had since last meeting I saw him, been cased in a black leather zipped cage. He ordered us to stand up and a young girl from behind the back benches was appointed to lead in two or three chorus before the self- proclaimed pastor would lead us in the longest prayer I have ever heard. Maybe he wanted to terminate the year with a long prayer that he was sure God would hear. He took a very long time preaching until people were tired of listening to his sweet words. I could see even teachers in- front were becoming impatience. It took teacher Moses all efforts to stop pastor Ngetch making sure he clearly understood him. We danced to the tunes played by our band leaders who the music teacher had spend nights preparing them. Everybody applauded their performances. Parents and other guests rewarded them with money. Lower primary children recited poem on HIV/AIDS pandemic. They highlighted the dangers involved in the disease; the orphanage it had created and the repercussions it had in the society, everyone here listened in awe. People did not want the truth; that was it. The pupils noted that we should all stand against those abusing children sexually if we wanted to win this pandemic. I saw teacher Moses staring at me; I lowered my eyes a voiding him. Drops of tears came out of my eyes. I reached for my handkerchief only to notice I had left it home. I used the edge of my shirt to wipe out, just like it was sweat. Teacher Moses noticed it. My art teacher noticed it too. No one else saw me. I wished they should not have seen me. The feeling was so intolerant that I hesitated to stand up to welcome Hon. Okoth who came in as soon as the poem was over. I stood up when I noticed other pupils were looking at me.
It was the head-teacher’s turn. Everybody kept quiet, keen to the proceedings. “Honourable member of parliament Mr. Hussein Okoth” he started his long speech, the district education officer, the teaching staff, the committee members and parents (he made sure he used the term honourable here), and my beloved pupils; it is a great chance to stand in-front of you this afternoon as we end this year, successfully, peacefully, victoriously and so on and so forth. He mentioned all the goodies the staff had offered to the pupils and the co-operation the parents had given him without which it would be impossible to run academics. He mentioned that really the parents had offered a teaching job to his staff and him included and that the parents had the mandate to employ more or fire the teachers; keeping in mind that since there had been many competitive schools around the region. The Hon. Okoth become the chief guest and offered us with the prizes that he had bought halfway to school his support of excellence in education. The prizes were given according to classes beginning with the lower section. I was prized for the best performer in administration; an award am convinced the head-teacher initiated. I also won the most discipline in our class. You can be sure how my grandpa Sir. Kamaa felt as he stood to pick all my prizes as that was the rule, receiving it from Hon Okoth was also a big honour bearing in mind his efforts in the legislator's success to the house. The legislator promised to take care of secondary school fees. I was proud of myself as I bounced to receive a certificate of acknowledgement as a best performer in all fields in the school. I shook the legislators hand for the first time in history. But I knew very well that sir Kamaa was starring at me, and as I sat down, I remembered a discussion I had with him over the performance of the government he uphold with dignity. I formed up my mind knowing exactly he would have a word about Hon. Okoth in the evening. That never scared me a bit. I knew I was firm on that side; I loved it. I will never forget that day. It is still fresh in my mind. My sister was awarded the best girl in her class while my young brother got the best pupils in his class award. Aketch got the cleanest girl in her class while Diana was the most disciplined girl in the school. You can see how those who collaborated with the administration were awarded. I thought all this was water in sand and would be over soon. Some things were happening behind the scenes. Just imagine a local primary school operating that way! What about a national institution?
It was talk of Ndonga and his kins on the way home that day. Mum was was quiet all through. The legislator offered Umau a ride to the Manguo market where he addressed an unplanned gathering. He noted that he was ready to supporting schools that showed great ability of excelling in national exams. He further said he would be proud to hear of one of the schools in his constituency topped in an exam and appeared in the media. It would accredit his leadership. Everybody was cheerful. Back in school we partied with the teachers as the parents went home. There was rice, meat and drinks in the school! All that and other stuff was in the local newspapers the following day. People in the Manguo market bought all the copies available. That evening at around the 1800hrs we arrived home. My stomach was full. I did not want anything else. I wanted to sleep. But Umau had prepared another party at home. Everybody in the village was welcome that evening. People sang praises to my grandpa.
“Long lives old man”
“God bless the old man”
all his grand sons will be clever,
bright, excellent ant and wise like him;
they will surely succeed him…”
That was sweet music in the ears of Sir.Kamaa, who had waited for the last few decades to be praised when one of his children excelled all in vain. He was quick to congratulate all who had attended the party noting that, they had come again to thank the lord for his grand’s; who had all excelled in examinations. He said the previous time we were gathered there; we were thanking the Lord for my coming back to life after a three- month hospitalization.
I had applied to join the Starehe boys centre and school; but this was received with opposition from our deputy head-teacher. He had a daughter who was in the final year with me. No one like her she was not bright but her father favoured her. He did not like bright pupils. One wondered whether anyone in the class was responsible for her thickness in mind. This teacher would snap me in-front of the whole school, and say he doubted whether I would join Starehe a national school. He claimed I was big headed and would not be allowed in there. Many pupils disliked him due to his behaviour. He would be voted last if we were to vote for the best teacher. I doubt he would ever get any vote; apart from his five children. I was innocent of all his allegations. I didn’t disclose this to anyone out of the school. What I knew I had all the support of all the other teachers. Only that there were talks that he would succeed the head-teacher in a year. But this mattered less to me, I knew I would not be there by the time he becomes the next head; no doubt he really came. He had gone to an extend of hiding one of my forms. It was only noticed by the then head-teacher when I went inquiring for it from him. He searched for it and claimed he had handed it to his deputy.
One day the very deputy head-teacher came to our class very early in the morning. He ordered that as a monitor I produce a letter on a report of the progress of my class. I responded that I knew nothing about reports and would like to know about it. He made threats that failure to that I could be sent home for failing to do his work. As he stepped the door out, everybody in the class shouted out that he come back. He ordered us to kneel down which I refused to do; everybody else followed me, so we all stood up. We made to the door; we had decided to involve his office for the insults he was extending to us. We claimed this was a misuse of power. He rushed out and straight to the head-teachers office, who had gone to another class to teach. At break time I was called to the head-teachers office and all alleged wrongdoing was read out to me. He announced in-front of the head teacher that he was punishing me for mobilizing the other pupils against him.
The head-teacher stopped him before his final word and ordered that I give my story. I narrated slowly hitting all the points on the head. I could see the head-teacher nodded to acknowledge my words. He judged that there was no report that I should write and that it was the work of a class teacher. I had cited that we stood up to free from the class in fear of the deputy’s brutality; so concerning this, the head-teacher released me, and promised to deal with the deputy privately. It was fro this ruling that the deputy sought intervention of education officer's up-hill to replace the head-teacher. I wondered why a teacher would oppose one of his subjects to his school. I remained desperate; I did not get his point even up to date. I apologized for anything bad I might have done against him though I knew I was innocent.
[08:01, 3/17/2017] Bä Bêhirã Jubilee: Politicians are just monkeys of the same forest; they'll promise piped milk simply because the incumbent brought canned milk, iron bridges to replace wooden bridges where there are no rivers!
Be wary of them my brethren, they belong to the same clan of 'haves' while we dominate the 'have nots' clan...
On my part, I'll never insult anyone with a different political opinion to mine; I urge you to do the same!
Hii Kenya yetu hakuna mahali inaenda, we are here to stay; devpt will be executed by the right leaders at the right time!

Huu ubishi wote it's simply because Kenyans do not value the 'right leaders' all the way from MCA's to the presidency! Just the same way disciplined and organized boys are loathed by beautiful girls in school opting for the rough rude dudes!

Even if we elect a Kenyan 'angel' come 8/8, nothing will change; they'll turn devilish come 9/8... I bet!!!

Kindly, brethren, support whoever you like, give the others a chance to support theirs(rem you've only 1 vote).

Bon Tembo Mutinda
[08:34, 3/17/2017] ‪+254 726 869992‬: *The 99 CLUB*

Worth reading..

Once upon a time, there lived a King who, despite his luxurious lifestyle, was not happy at all.

One day, the King came upon a servant who was singing happily while he worked. This fascinated the King; Why was he, the Supreme Ruler of the Land, unhappy and gloomy, while a lowly servant had so much joy?

The King asked the servant, 'Why are you so happy?'

The man replied, 'Your Majesty, I am nothing but a servant, but my family and I don't need too much - just a roof over our heads and warm food to fill our tummies.'

The king sought the advice of his most trusted advisor. After hearing the story, the advisor said, 'Your Majesty, the servant has not yet joined "The 99 Club".'

'The 99 Club? And what is that?' the King inquired.

The advisor replied, 'To truly know what The 99 Club is, just place 99 Gold coins in a bag and leave it at this servant's doorstep.'

When the servant saw the bag, he let out a great shout of joy... so many gold coins. He began to count them. After several counts, he was at last convinced that there were only 99 coins.

He wondered, 'What could've happened to that last gold coin? Surely, no one would leave 99 coins!'

He looked everywhere, but that final coin was elusive. Finally he decided that he was going to work harder than ever to earn that 100th gold coin.

From that day, the servant was a changed man. He was overworked, grumpy, and blamed his family for not helping him make that 100th gold coin.

And he had stopped singing while he worked.

Witnessing this drastic transformation, the King was puzzled. The advisor said, 'Your Majesty, the servant has now officially joined The 99 Club.'

He continued, 'The 99 Club is a name given to those people who have enough to be happy but are never content, because they're always wanting that extra 1, saying to themselves: "Let me get that one final thing and then I will be happy for life."

We can be happy with very little in our lives, but the minute we're given something bigger and better, we want more ...and even more!

We lose our sleep, our happiness, as the price for our growing needs and desires.

That's "The 99 Club"...
*Zero Membership fee to enter, but you pay for it with your entire Life !!!*

Have a fabulous week.
[07:29, 3/18/2017] ‪+254 723 842563‬: SONKO vs Blue Blood!

William Ruto should watch closely how the system is dealing with Mike Sonko, because he will need the lessons when it's his turn at the till in 2022. There is nothing Mike Sonko can do to win favour with the Jubilee Party. In the Shaka Zulu book of war strategy, Mike Sonko belongs to the group of generals who are summoned only when the army are on the back-foot.

In 2013, when Jubilee needed a figurehead to marshal the troops in the battle-ground state of Nairobi, they summoned Mike Sonko and Ferdinand Waititu - two riff-raffs who could walk into any corner of this city and start a fire. Uhuru Kenyatta, subsequently, split the Nairobi vote with Raila Odinga down the middle, enough to get over the 50%+1 margin required for an outright first round win.

The ground has since shifted and Uhuru Kenyatta does not need Mike Sonko right now. The Kenyan aristocracy have made it known to everyone that a Mike Sonko governorship, like a William Ruto presidency, will be more radioactive than a Uranium nuclear warhead. Mike Sonko is now irrelevant to the Kenyan aristocracy because Uhuru Kenyatta now has the state machinery at his disposal to do whatever he wants with it.

The problem with Mike Sonko is the same problem all sons and daughters of peasantry experience world over. Sonko is deluded to think Jubilee is locking him out of the race because his papers are defective. If you're a system's blue-eyed boy, as Peter Kenneth is, the system always takes it upon itself to bear your burden - they will clean up your past, buy off all the women who might scandalize your ascent to power, silence potential witnesses of your past atrocities, etc. When the system wants you, the system gets you - and the reverse is true.

What the Kenyan aristocracy is doing to Mike Sonko is a time-tested military war tactic called Attrition Warfare; which is just a military strategy consisting of sustained attempts to win a war by wearing down the enemy to the point of collapse through continuous losses in personnel and material.

Yesterday it was the disbandment of the Sonko Rescue Team, today it's Mike Sonko's KCSE certificate, tomorrow it will be his gun-drama in public places, the day after they'll find another scandal to patch on him. Attrition warfare is so relentless its meant to knock the wind off your sails. Attrition warfare is not for the faint-hearted.

World over, attrition warfare is usually won by the side with excess resources to burn. Attrition warfare is expensive; it requires time, money, and, most importantly, strong allies. Any adversary being drawn into attrition warfare has two options. One, you're either going in, with both feet, for the fight of your life, or, two; you put your hands up and settle for a compromise. Both the the two decisions have handsome rewards. Johnson Sakaja has chosen the second option, Mike Sonko has chosen the first.

The rewards for Johnson Sakaja is two-fold; he retains his name in the aristocracy's good books and, therefore, positions himself for the favours that accrue to the system's blue-eyed boys. Mike Sonko, for choosing to bite the trench-warfare bait, also will have his rewards at the end of the war, only that it doesn't come cheap. When your back is against the aristocracy wall, you're stonewall minced meat.

The only way Mike Sonko can win this war with the system is to go for the Samson Option. The Holy Book, in Judges 16:30, narrates that when Samson was cornered by the Phillistines with no escape route, he made the painful decision of bringing down the pillars of the Philistine temple, killing himself and thousands who had captured him, crying out "Let me die with the Philistines!".

The problem with dealing with people like Mike Sonko is that their political instincts are so narrow they might actually decide to go down with the entire Jubilee government; and this is the system's worst fear, and the only reason the aristocracy would never want to entrust any country's leadership to offsprings of peasantry.

No aristocracy wants to be in such a position of weakness as to be forced to drawback and negotiate with Mike Sonko. If there's one politician in this country who can take on the system and win, that man is Mike Sonko. If Mike Sonko loses this fight, then William Ruto should just pack up and leave. The other option for the two is to team up and declare war, on the system, now, before they are outmatched.

Run to your nearest NCPB depot and buy a sack of popcorns. Because the movie is about to begin.
[13:49, 3/18/2017] Daniel Kyule: Hey Bro,

I thought of you when I read this!
Mark Linton wrote: A real man is the kind of man that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says Oh Crap, he's up!
Brother, life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat u right.
Forgive the ones who don't just because you can. Believe everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it. Take a few minutes to think before u act when you're mad .
Forgive quickly. God never said life would be easy.
He just promised it would be worth it.

Today is Brother's day, send this to all your brothers, fathers, sons and me, if I am one.
Happy Brothers Day! I LOVE YA BROTHER!!! A real Brother walks with u when the rest of the world walks on you.
Send to all ur Brothers.
[15:25, 3/18/2017] ‪+254 733 869608‬: A WAKE-UP CALL TO HUSBANDS:

A man was married to a beautiful woman whom he once loved so much but with the passing of time he began to look at her as not so lovely as she used to be.
He started staying out late, never buying food for the house and hardly spoke to the wife.
What had happened was that the husband started admiring other women at the office and stopped giving his wife money to spend on herself. Her hair really needed attention, her body yearned for perfume but the husband was now a changed man. The wife knew that the husband was spending money all other women and eating out.
She quickly devised a plan and put it into action. She went through some magazines and found a picture of a very beautiful model and cut it out. She took a photo of the photo and set it as her profile on a new whatsapp page she created. She then sent a message to the husband using a different name saying, I hope you dont mind my sending you a message like this but i saw you the other day with one of my friends and I just fell in love with you. I secretly stole your number from my friends phone. If you dont mind I would love you to be my man.
The husband having received this message was over the moon with excitement. He looked at the photo and said this woman was beautiful beyode the word beautiful. He quickly responded saying yes and when could they meet. She lied saying in a weeks time as she was a model and was doing a show in another city. The wife sent some more photos of the same woman. The husband was deeply in love, gleening from ear to ear.
The next week the wife pretending to be the model sent an angry message to the husband complaining that the agency wasnt going to pay them till next week, so they wouldnt be able to meet. The man out of great excitement of such an opportunity of going out with a beautiful model like this offered to pay her trip down if she didnt mind. She agreed and told him a figure that was a bit steep for his pocket, but the lust he had for this woman got the better of him and he agreed to send the money. She gave a friends account for him to deposit they money as she lied she had misplaced her bank cards.
After tge man deposited the money, the wife went to the friend and got the money. She immediately went shopping, bought clothes forself, did her hair, makeup, nails etc etc. She even bought food something she had not done in a long time since the husband had changed.
She got home cooked such a delicious meal that the smell of the good food filled the house. She went took a bath and dressed in one of the outfits and sat down watching TV. She made sure when the husband walked in she was full of joy and smiles. When he walked in he could see that things were different. The nice smell of food, where did she get the food from, who gave her the money? But he kept these all questions to himself. Then he saw his wife, and he almost fell down, wow who was this woman, was this his ugly wife, she was looking very beautiful! But whats going on here, where did she get the money from? Then he noticed the smile, the joy on her face as she watched TV. Now he was convinced, something was wrong, was his wife fooling around? Why was she so happy? But he just couldnt bring himself to ask all these questions. He mumbled a hi and went to the bedroom. There he saw all the new clothes she had bought and it was killing him, was his once faithful, now become unfaithfull? He couldnt take it any longer, he went and sat down, to ask. " honey I see you went shopping today, did you win some money?" No she replied, my brother just came to spoil me. His mind was racing, since when did her brother ever spoil her? Something was definately wrong.
She offered him food, which he refused. He then asked, when is your brother coming again? She replied saying, think next week Friday. With that he stood up and went to bed, deeply troubled. What was going on here, was his wife seeing another man? He decided next week to be home early to see if truly the brother would come.
The next he left for work and received a text from the beautiful model saying she would love to meet him on Friday, the same day he wanted to be home to confirm if the eife was telling the truth or not. What does he do now? It was his dream to go out with this model but his wife, something was not right there. She had looked so beautiful and sexy and.... maybe for another man.... no he had to be home that day. He told the model that he was going out on a company outing and couldnt make it.
When Friday came he told his wife that he would be coming home late that day as he would go out for some drinks with his friends. His wife was shocked, since when did he start telling her his plans.
Anyway he left and requested the boss if he would work half day as he had some family issues that needed attention. His bossed agreed. Back at home the wife made herself look sexy and dressed to kill but decently. She cooked another lovely meal. At exactly 12 noon they husband walked into the house surprising the wife. You back very early is anything wrong, she asked. No, Im feeling sick he lied. He looked at her and man she looked so beautiful, how come he had stopped noticing how beautiful his wife was, and now she was in another mans hand. But thank God he came early today.
He went and sat in the lounge and was waiting to see what would happen. The wife gave him some food and this time he ate. He had forgotten how good a cook his wife was and he really enjoyed the meal. When is your brother coming he asked. Her responsed only added to his suspicions, she said he phoned to say he wouldnt make it today. But why was she dressed up like this, who was she planning to meet.
He couldnt take it anymore, he just asked her directly, honey are you cheating on me????
She smiled to herself, her plan had worked. She answered back, but why do you care, I dont exist to you anymore, you no longer buy food in this house but spend it on other women out there. You no longer give me money to do my hair and personal things.
Her husband thinking he was losing his wife, apologised for his behaviour and attitudes towards her. He begged her not to leave him and promised to change.
In the end she had to come clean and told him she was the woman behing that beautiful model. All she bought, he paid for it. All they could do was laugh about it and the man promised to play his part as a goid husband. Right in his house was the most beautiful woman on earth. The morale of the story is husbands if you take care of your wifes they will look as beautiful as you want them to. Stop wasting your time and money on other women whose interest in you is only financial gain.
Pass it on and save someones marriage.
[00:08, 3/19/2017] ‪+254 714 866866‬: *Edward Dir. Kituva honestly tell us how will the 86 year old Musila;*

1. Empower the youth when he denies them access to his Mulimall rental business rooms standing at their grabbed public Kenyatta Park land?

2. Provide water to every household when he denies his neighbours in his rural home water from a borehole in his garden?

3. Equip hospitals with drugs when he closed all health facilities in his constituency when he was the area Mp.

*What do you think can make the people of Kitui county trust Musila for governor's seat?*
[07:43, 3/19/2017] Bä Bêhirã Jubilee: Kitui East current elected leaders' parties:
1.Endau/malalani ward- CCU
2.kyamatu/voo ward-wiper
3.mutitu/kaliku ward-TNA
4.zombe/mwitika ward-CCU
5.chuluni ward-tip tip
6.nzambani ward-TNA
MP-Wiper(he's though believed to have rigged his victory)

Who is who for both MCA and MP races?
Last time voters avoided voting along party lines, how about this time round? Tutachanganywa na vyama tuchague the wrong characters for another 5 years simply bcoz of 'foolish' political waves?

I pity our people, I pity Kitui East, I pity Chuluni ward more!!! But again, why worry; Kenyans do not vote for the best, we vote for the monied,,, then they disappear to oblivion!!! Ask Thua people... In last elections, we hated our own with passion, voted in a guy who has since forgotten how Thua bridge looks like...heheheeeee...
I bet the same will happen come 8/8

Nîîthûîtwe nî a mayo kweli...!!!
[07:47, 3/19/2017] ‪+254 706 995306‬: *Senator Musila, the oldest gubernatorial aspirant in Kenya shares many characteristics with Soviet's Stalin...*✍🏽
During the Soviet dictatorship of Stalin, he (Stalin) came to one Politburo meeting with a live chicken.🐓 He started to pluck its feathers one by one off.

The chicken quacked in pain, blood oozing from its pores. It gave out heartbreaking cries but Stalin continued without remorse plucking feather after feather until the chicken was completely naked. 🙊🙊🙊After that, he threw the chicken on the ground and from his pockets, took out some chicken feed and started to throw it at the poor creature. It started eating and as he walked away, the chicken followed him and sat at his feet feeding from his hand.⚡⚡⚡

Stalin then told members of his party leadership "This chicken represents the people, you must disempower them, brutalise them, beat them up and leave them. If you do this and then give them peanuts when they are in that helpless and desperate situation, they will blindly follow you for the rest of their life. They will think you are a hero forever. They will forget that, it is you who brought them to that situation in the first place."
*I compare Stalin with Musila's humiliation to Kitui People in his over 25 years dictatorial rule as an elected leader and previously an administrator.* Musila must be denied Wiper Party ticket if Kitui County has to move forward with leadership sanity.⚖⚖⚖
#countywatch lens
[08:53, 3/19/2017] ‪+254 728 083456‬: Kitui County populace has to totally ignore lies being propagated online by one *propagandist Aggrey Nzomo* that Kitui County has allocated a permanent mobile clinic worth Kshs 22 millions to Kyangwithya which he doesn't clarify its East or West. This dreamer goes ahead and argues Kyangwithya has 18 health centres which is false even when the 2 wards are combined! *Is Waluku which is still part of Kyangwithya 2Km from Kitui Level 5 Hospital?*

The truth of the matter is that Kitui County received *1 mobile clinic from H.E. Margaret Kenyatta's Beyond Zero* initiative where all 47 county First Ladies happen to be frontrunners of the initiation.

The County Government of Kitui had only the 1 mobile clinic donated that didn't serve well the vast Kitui county with *almost 5 times larger surface area than Machakos* and some other counties.* Based on this fact it bought *2 more mobile clinics.*

Now the three mobile clinics and several *motorcycles and health wagons donated by H.E. Edith Malombe's Kyeni Foundation* serves the people of Kitui County evenly in all needy areas in the 8 sub counties including Endau Malalani where this mouthy liar Nzomo Aggrey hails from.

The people of Kitui County need better health care Nzomo which can only be achieved through talking the truth but not cheaply politicizing this communities essential touchy service.

-Steve Mumbu #countywatch lens
[11:00, 3/19/2017] ‪+254 721 513686‬: Kitui people should know that the Bible says that the visible things are created by the invisible. Masila's entry into kitui gubernatorial race is a creation of unsatisfiable spirit. He being the chief priest of this well known greed empire in our county , called his confidant decons (the members of parliament) and their prophetess woman rep so that they can put all their greed energies together. This is after they heard people singing and dancing for our able Governor. Like it was when David killed Goliath,how Saul's heart was moved with bitterness. Instead of this team celebrating the fact that equal distribution of development is now a culture in our county, they are crying foul. The invisible connection here is, as Jesus moved close to the demon possessed boy the invisible spirit started questioning Jesus as to why I he has come to bother him. Jesus will was to set all free but demons will was to bond them all.. :Malombe's will is to touch all people and their region indiscriminately but musilas team empire believes that all people are not equal. They see it old and unprofitable to balance all regions even to home areas of fellow political rivals. So brothers and sisters I urge you to stand with Malombe for he stands for all regions.

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