Daily life - About me & friends
Kailyn Ta ` nae GLASPER < 3

- welcome to KAILYNS BLOG <3
here u can learn a little bout me , and the ppl i love <3
just something i do , to ease my mind , plus i love WRITING
so HERE it goesss !!!!!

this my girl ASHLEY , we been besties since i was a bby ! she kNOWS everything bout me , and anything !!!!! she is the truest friend i have !!

im such a DIVA at times , but thats what make me ME!!! :D !

this is me and my boyfriend ,
i love this guy with all the breath in my body
i never felt like this bout no one but him i trust and love u
never gonna let u go , we will make this lat forever and ever


these my NICCAS keishana and tayler i love these girls to DEATH !!!! without them i would be incomplete , gotta love em!

this is MOMMY ! she is the BESTEST woman in the world , you just gotta love her . she is an angel , i want to be just like her when i grow up !!!! she is such a diva !

my boyfriend name is fredrick martin , i guess you can say he's PERFECT he would never let me down , thats why i love him sooooo MUCH . i trust him and love him with allllll my heart and soul :D
AHA , were getting MARRIED and youre ALL invited to the WEDDING <3
this is my first COUTURE dress , it was like 900 dollars, i love this pic because i was so surprised to get the dress ! i have my mom to thank!!

- 16
- greenwood , mississippi
- i <3 my FAMILY
- i love my BOYFRIEND fredrick MARTIN
- i love KEKE , QUANICK , and ASHLEY!

Kailyn Ta ` nae GLASPER < 3 (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : kailyn - USA

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