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!!! This is me !!!

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Fantastic Funny Yummy!!!

The marked is Henan province

Welcome To Henan Province

This is my first blog
My hometown is named KaiFeng
It is an ancient city
My name is Crystal
I am 18 years old
I hope that u are fond of my hometown :)
KaiFeng is the capital in the Song dynasty

It had been the most prosperous city in the world
It is famous of the LongTing,the Imperial City at that time
Pork dumpling and Peanut Cake are the famous KaiFeng refections

Henan Province
The marked is KaiFeng

The pork dumpling in KaiFeng!!!

Peanut Cake in KaiFeng!!!

in KaiFeng!!!

!!!This is me!!!

If u want to learn more about my hometown

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loving U!!!

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