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Joshua Ryan Hutcherson was born on October 12, 1992.
He was born in a small town near Union, Kentucky.

Josh and his little brother Connor :)
Josh started wanted to start acting when he was 4 years old. He officially started acting when he was 9 years old, his parents signed him up for acting classes and the rest is history. At first Josh had landed small roles in television and films. But now Josh has starred in many famous movies such as:
-Red Dawn (Robert)
-Aaron & Sara (Aaron)
-7 Days in Havana (Teddy Atkins)
-Carmel (Joshua)
-The Hunger Games [The Trilogy] (Peeta Mellark)
-Bridge to Terebithia (Jess Aarons)
-Firehouse Dog (Shane Fahey)
-Little Manhattan (Gabe)
-Kicking and Screaming (Bucky Weston)
-Journey to the Center of the Earth [1 & 2] (Sean Anderson)
-RV (Carl Munro)
-Fragments (Jimmy Jasperson)
-The Kids Are All Right (Laser)
-Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (Steve)
-Detention (Clapton Davis)
-Zathura: A Space Adventure (Walter)
-The Third Rule [short] (Chuck)
-Motocross Kids (TJ)
-American Splendor (Robin)
-Miracle Dogs [TV movie] (Charlie Logan)
-Line of Fire [TV series] (Donny Rawlings)
-Becoming Glen [TV movie] (Young Glen)
-ER [TV series] (Matt)
-Wilder Days [TV movie] (Chris Morse)
-House Blend [TV movie] (Nicky Harper)
-The Division [TV series] (Matthew Inwood)
-Party Wagon [TV movie] (Toad E. Bartley-voice)
-Howl's Moving Castle (Markl:English version)
-One Last Ride (Joey)
-Eddie's Father [TV movie] (Eddie Corbett)
-Justice League [TV series] (Young Bruce Wayne/El)
-The Polar Express (Hero Boy)
*Random Facts :)

-Josh is a Libra.
-He has 2 dogs, Diesel and Baxter (or Nixon.)
-His Mother's name is Michelle.
-His Father's name is Chris.
-Kristen Stewart gave him a turtle for his 13th birthday.
-His nick name is J Hutch.
-His favorite superhero is Batman.
-Josh carried around a blanket when he was small, he called it "Yellow Blankie."
-Josh loves the Cincinnati Bengals, Rudi Johnson is his favorite player.
-Josh: "If I wasn't an actor I would be a football player, not creative, but lots of fun!"
-When Josh was 6 he broke his elbow playing on some monkey bars.
-While his arm was in the cast, he learned to swim.
-One of Josh's most embarrassing moments: "I was on a date, and we were sitting at dinner. I tried to put my arm around her; I was doing the yarn thing where you lift your arms up. As I did that, I hit the table and spilled a drink."
-Josh is about 57″
-He loves cars

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